Why do my dog’s eyes discharge?

Dog’s eyes may discharge for several reasons. Tearing may be from an irritant in the area, such as dust. Allergies, viral diseases, and problems with tear drainage can cause runny eyes. Thick, colored discharge can be from bacteria, or viruses that unable a dog to make enough tears.

The bottom line is that you should have your dog’s eyes examined by your vet to determine the specific cause and treatment.

What can I do about my dog’s turned-in eyelids?

This condition is called entropion. A fancy name for eyelids that are rolled inward so that the eyeball itself can be rubbed by the nearby fur. If your dog is very young, sometimes stapling the eyelid in a rolled out position will fix the problem, with the staples being removed after several weeks.

Alternately, or if stapling is not successful, you can consult your vet about surgery to correct this problem.

Why are my dog’s eyes getting cloudy?

I would definitely bring her to your vet. Dogs certainly can get cataracts which impair vision. They can also get something called “nuclear sclerosis” which is a normal age-related change and does not significantly impair vision. Please have her checked out by your vet.

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