Which wild animals are dangerous to pets?

Our pets could potentially be harmed not only because they can be prey, but can also get infections from wild animals. Here is a list of animals that are dangerous to pets.

Raccoons, bats, and skunks are the most dangerous animals as far as rabies transmission.

Also, typhoid fever is transmitted in rat fleas, which are also the same type of fleas as cat fleas. Keep the fleas off your pets to prevent typhoid fever in people in your home.

Snakes can also be very dangerous. Symptoms of snake bites include muscle spasms, drooling, pain, and paralysis.

Squirrels can bite and injure pets. They are also carriers of diseases like rabies and parasites. The ticks, fleas, and mites found on squirrels can cause diseases in your pet.

Skunks are potential predators when it comes to small pets like kittens and puppies. They can hurt pets using their skunk spray. Skunk spray can be very dangerous since it can cause conjunctivitis, temporary blindness, squinting, and ocular edema.

Big birds can be predators too. Birds like owls and hawks pose a threat to small dogs, cats, and rodents.

Foxes can also be harmful to pets since they can transmit rabies and mange. Mange can be transmitted through fox feces.

A scorpion’s stinger can cause excruciating pain to pets. As much as its venom may be nonvenomous, the pain can be really bad.

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