Unique girl dog names

Unique Girl Dog Names

One of the best parts of getting a new pet is picking the perfect name for them. Naming your dog is important for her socialization and training. There are hundreds of unique girl dog names available, all of them cute and befitting your little lady.

When choosing a name for your dog, it is usually advisable to go for a name with two syllables. Names with two syllables are easy to say and are enough to get your dog’s attention. You should also go for names with hard consonants since they are much easier for your dog to hear than sibilant sounds. 

Before naming your pet, you should take a little time to get to know her. Sometimes, her behavior or looks may provide inspiration for the perfect name. However, if you are still stuck, the following article contains a list of unique girl dog names that may help you decide. 

Cutest unique Female dog names

The ideas for female dog names range from the most popular girl dog names to the more unique names. However, your little lady is one of a kind. So why not pick a name as unique as she is? There is no animal cuter than your new dog. You should therefore give her a precious name perfect for her.

Below is a list of the cutest girl dog names. 

  • Maya: Arabic name meaning “princess”
  • Gigi: Arabic name meaning Royalty
  • Pebbles: Name of American origin meaning “small rocks”
  • Mia: Is a chic Spanish or Italian word meaning “mine”
  • Mimi: Hebrew name meaning “sweet”
  • Nova: Inspired by the night sky referring to the brilliance of a star before returning to its natural state 
  • Suki: Japanese name meaning “loved one”
  • Ella: Means beautiful fairy
  • Koda: Native American name meaning “Little Bear”
  • Trixie: Name of Latin origin meaning “she who brings happiness”
  • Willow: English name taken from “willow tree” meaning “freedom”
  • Minnie: Hebrew name meaning “wished for child”
  • Enid: Welsh name meaning “life” and “spirit”
  • Imani: Swahili name meaning “faith”
  • Zora: Slavic name meaning “dawn”
  • Zuri: Swahili name meaning “beautiful”

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Badass Female dog names

When you have a badass dog, it needs an equally badass name. Below are some names that match your dog’s attitude, and will make it easier to give your dog the perfect identity.

  • Amari: African name meaning “strength”
  • Kali: Kali is the Hindu goddess of empowerment. It also means “energetic” in Swahili 
  • Nikki: Greek name meaning “victory of the people”
  • Sasha: Russian name meaning “defender of man” 
  • Bindi: Australian aboriginal word that means “little girl” and “little spear”
  • Arya: After the badass assassin from Game of Thrones
  • Amelia: After Amelia Erhatt, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.
  • Athena: After the Greek goddess of wisdom and war
  • Leia: After the badass Princess of Planet Alderaan from Star Wars
  • Cersei: A badass name for your dog if you are a Game of Thrones fan
  • Sheba: Inspired by the Queen of Sheba
  • Rosa: After the famous civil rights advocate, Rosa Parks
  • Rebel: A badass name for a badass dog
  • Diva: A great name if your dog has a bit of an attitude
  • Freya: After the goddess in Norse Mythology

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White girl dog names

White dogs are adorable, whether small and scrappy or big and fluffy. Their white coat gives them a majestic, wizard-like look. Choosing the perfect name for a white dog can prove to be challenging. Whether you are looking for a cute or tough name for your snow-white pup, the list below has got you covered. 

  • Bianca: Means “white” in Italian and is ideal for girl dogs who have a little bit of sass
  • Lily: Named after while lilies, a popular spring flower
  • Pearl: Inspired by the milky white color of pearls
  • Daisy: Inspired by the white flowers
  • Angel pays homage to the association of angels with the color white
  • Malaika is a Swahili name that translates to “Angel”
  • Marshmallow is sweet name after everyone’s favorite campfire treat
  • Bubbles is an ideal name for a puffy and fluffy white pup 

Unique Girl dog names in German

  • Millie: Name with Germanic roots meaning “gentle strength”
  • Heidi: German name meaning “the helper of mankind” 
  • Lulu: Name of Germanic origin meaning “well-known fighter”
  • Ursula: German name and also the name of the villain from The Little Mermaid
  • Addie: German name meaning nobel kind

Unusual Female dog names

  • Wangchuk: Tibetan name that means “in power”
  • Nyx: Goddess in Greek Mythology
  • Attila: After the brutal Hun ruler
  • Gemma: Latin name meaning “gemstone”
  • Andromeda: Greek mythology princess
  • Cleopatra: After the former female ruler of Egypt
  • Maeve: After the Roman goddess
  • Austen: After the famous author, Jane Austen
  • Cleopatra: After the former female ruler of Egypt

Unique Southern Girl dog names

Southern dog names are perfect for pups growing up on a ranch, or for people that live in cities and love country life. Below are some of the names that draw inspiration from the Southern way of life.

  • Sassy: A name for a female pup with a whole lot of attitude.
  • Birdie: Means “bringing victory” 
  • Belle: The name means “beautiful”  
  • Cassidy: Is a Southern name of Irish origin meaning “curly -haired”
  • Daphne: Is a Greek name meaning “laurel tree”
  • Myrtle: A pretty dog name named after a pretty plant
  • Nellie: The name means “light”
  • Trisha: Is the shortened version of Patricia

Rare girl dog names

  • Lovelace: After Ada Lovelace, a talented mathematician regarded as the first computer programmer.
  • Xena: After the Warrior Princess
  • Ida: Shortened form of the Norse goddess Idunna
  • Thatcher: After Britain’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher
  • Curie: After the female scientist who led the research into radioactivity

Final Thoughts on Unique Girl Dog Names

When choosing a name for your dog, it is important to remember not to choose a name that sounds similar to a command. As such, you should avoid names like “Pitt”, which sounds like “sit”. 

Also, after naming your dog, you should try to call her frequently in a positive context. She’ll recognize that something meant for her is coming next. However, when you use her name in a negative context or during punishment, she will start associating her name with something scary. 

Finally, don’t name your dog after a family member, or something that sounds a lot like a family member’s name. This may lead to confusion as she won’t know when to respond.

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