Small Dog Carriers. What are different types small dog carrier?

1. Front Carriers

There are two kinds of front carriers, the infant-style (pet suspended by torso) or pouch style (pet sits in a pouch). If your pet’s breed is susceptible to back problems, you should not place him in an infant-style carrier, as this can lead to spinal injuries. There is a variation of the pouch-style, known as a pet sling, which is an over the shoulder carrier.

2. Tote Carriers

Made like a regular tote bag worn on the shoulder, totes are the hottest look in carriers, having zippered windows or openings where your small dog can stick his head out. Tote dog carriers are available for small dogs of all sizes, some models holding pets from up to 18 lbs, while other dog tote carriers even holding small dogs up to 30 lbs. A tote is right for you and your pet if you can easily manage your dog’s weight on a single shoulder.

3. Wheeled Carriers

Even the smallest pet can get heavy after a while. Wheeled carriers generally have a pullout handle that allows you to pull your pet around as easy as a lightweight luggage bag. The value of your choosing a wheeled carrier is that many of them tend to be versatile, operating as a backpack as well as a luggage-style wheeled carrier.

4. Backpack carriers

Backpacks come in two variations: one where your small dog faces forward and the other where your pet faces to the rear. Backpack dog carriers offer hands-free convenience. The drawback of a backpack is you are not aware of what your pet is doing so you should only get one with a built-in restraining lead to be certain your pet is safely secure.

5. Crate carriers

A crate carrier is a less intimate mode of transportation than carrying your small dog in a carrier you wear, but if your small dog is too heavy for you to carry and you want a more secure enclosure, a crate carrier is your answer. Crate carriers are available with soft sides, such as mesh, and in the more conventional, heavy-duty plastic. Heavy-duty crates are required by most airlines for domestic and international pet travel, particularly when your dog is flying in assigned places for animals near the luggage area. Soft-sided mesh crates are approved by most airlines for under seat use.

Generally, carriers that you would wear are suitable if your pet weighs no more than you could comfortably carry. Although you may desire to carry your small dog around like a kid, keep in mind that 20 pounds is 20 pounds, and although you may desire to carry your pet around wherever you travel, you may not have the physical strength to do so. A good alternative is to find a multi-functional carrier that can transform from a backpack, to a purse, to a car seat, to a wheeled carrier when you are no longer able to bear the weight of your pet.

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