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Cat Names In Russian: 200+ Brilliant Russian Cat Names!

If you’re interested in unique cat names in Russian, we’ve got you covered! Russia is an interesting country that has unique cultures which are great sources of inspiration for uncommon cat names.

Russia is also the home of several cat breeds. The best known of the Russian cat breeds are the Russian blue and the Siberian cat. Russia also has exotic cat breeds like the Kurilian bobtail and the hairless Donskoy cat.

How To Pick The Best Cat Names In Russian

Finding your kitty the right cat name is simple. First, you have to consider your kitty’s dominating traits like fur color, personality, sex, and other nitty gritties. You could also name your cat after someone or something you love.

That’s why you’re spoilt for choice when picking names for your cat. There are funny cat names, unique cat names, cat names in foreign languages, cool, badass, cute and so many other options.

Female Cat Names in Russian

Female Russian cat names are wonderful for your feminine kitty. 

  1. Anastasia (resurrection)
  2. Alyonushka (nickname for Yelena)
  3. Margosha (Russian form of Margaret, meaning “pearl”)
  4. Svetlana (luminescent)
  5. Masha (nickname for Maria)
  6. Tanya (praiseworthy)
  7. Olya (hearty, holy)
  8. Nataliya (version of Natasha; means born on Christmas day)
  9. Nadina (hope)
  10. Ekaterina (pure)
  11. Mila (dear)
  12. Anya (nickname for Anna)
  13. Rada (pleased)
  14. Dasha (nickname for Darya)
  15. Marina (from the sea)
  16. Bronislava (protection and glory)
  17. Slava (glory)
  18. Katenka (nickname for Ekaterina)
  19. Fedora (gift of God)
  20. Anna (grace)
  21. Irina (peace)
  22. Isidora (gift of Isis)
  23. Ludmila (love of the people)
  24. Galina (calm, tranquil)
  25. Katya (pure)
  26. Darya (possessing good)
  27. Dunya (well pleased)
  28. Yelena (shining light)
  29. Evgenia (Russian form of Eugenia, meaning “noble”)
  30. Lena (nickname for Yelena)
  31. Sonya (wisdom)
  32. Nadezhda (hope)

You should also check out these unique girl cat names.

Male Cat Names in Russian And Their Meanings

Cute Russian cat names for males are perfect for your boy cat. They are strong and masculine perfect for a ferocious, badass cat. 

  1. Feliks (Russian form of Felix, meaning “lucky”)
  2. Valentin (strong, vigorous)
  3. Nikolai (a form of Nicholas, meaning “victorious” or “conqueror of the people”)
  4. Ivan (God is gracious)
  5. Konstantin (constant, steadfast)
  6. Mikhail (follower of god)
  7. Vladimir (of great power, ruler of the world)
  8. Volya (will, freedom)
  9. Yaroslav (fierce and glorious)
  10. Stanislav (standing in glory)
  11. Feodor (gift from God)
  12. Dima (nickname for Dmitry)
  13. Alyosha (nickname for Aleksandr)
  14. Igor (warrior of peace)
  15. Mstislav (vengeance and glory)
  16. Misha (bear cub)
  17. Alek (short for Aleksandr)
  18. Bazhen (wish)
  19. Luka (Russian form of Lucas or Luke, meaning “light”)
  20. Grisha (nickname for Grigory, which means “watchful”)
  21. Aleksandr (defender of mankind)
  22. Kostya (nickname for Konstantin)
  23. Evgeni (well born)
  24. Maksim (greatest)
  25. Pyotr (Russian form of Peter, meaning “rock”)
  26. Arseni (manly)
  27. Vladislav (rules in glory)

Good Russian Cat Names and Their Meanings

These are some of the coolest, and cutest cat names in Russian from totally random places. They are perfect for male and female cats.

  1. Gena (noble)
  2. Kotik (male kitten)
  3. Anton (worthy of praise)
  4. Lyubov (love)
  5. Milan (dear)
  6. Lev (lion)
  7. Koshechka (female kitten)
  8. Myshka (little mouse)
  9. Pasha (nickname for Pavel)
  10. Rufina (red haired)
  11. Igor (warrior)
  12. Koshka (female cat)
  13. Boris (wolf)
  14. Timur (iron)
  15. Polina (little)
  16. Zvezda (star)
  17. Zoya (life)
  18. Kot (male cat)
  19. Solnyshko (small sun)
  20. Pavel (small, humble)
  21. Zolotse (gold)
  22. Rybka (little fish)
  23. Anatoly (sunrise)

Cute Russian Cat Names And Their Meanings

  1. Anastasia (resurrection)
  2. Marina (from the sea)
  3. Arina (peace)
  4. Irina (peace).
  5. Dasha (God’s gift).
  6. Darya (sea).
  7. Galina (calm).
  8. Margosha (pearl).
  9. Tatyana (fair queen).
  10. Ekaterina (Pure).
  11. Dunya (well pleased).
  12. Katya (pure).
  13. Fedora (God’s gift).
  14. Barynya (landlady)
  15. Evgenia (noble).
  16. Alina (beautiful)
  17. Nadine (hope).
  18. Inna means (little girl).
  19. Bronislava (protection and glory).
  20. Masha (like God).
  21. Tirgatao (unclear).
  22. Ludmila (love of people).
  23. Natasha (born on Christmas day).
  24. Anya (gracious/ merciful).

What Should I Name My Russian Blue Cat?

Russian blues make one of a kind pets that deserving of unique cat names to go with their unique features. Russian blue cat names are therefore unique cat names perfect for your kitty!

  1. Kama
  2. Nightingale
  3. Hunter
  4. Yefim
  5. Leonti
  6. Leonty
  7. Muse
  8. Karelia
  9. Samoyla
  10. Spyridon
  11. Rurik
  12. Yasha
  13. Valentin
  14. Czarina320 Russian Cat Names For Your Feline Comrade 7
  15. Kaluga
  16. Loki
  17. Ninotchka
  18. Luchikrussian blue cat
  19. Tigra
  20. Kotyenok
  21. Pushkin
  22. Otto
  23. Esme
  24. Isis
  25. Celeste
  26. Heathcliff
  27. Yaromir
  28. Koschei
  29. Toma
  30. Onegin
  31. Ghost
  32. Gorky
  33. Koshka
  34. Zakhar
  35. Juno
  36. Mazarine

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