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One Of A Kind Pets: 32 Wonderful & Charming Animals To Own!

I’ve had some good pets over the years. No. I’ve had one of a kind pets! Why? Because these animals became more than a healthy indulgence. They became part of my family. 

I gave them names, played with them and when the time came, I mourned their deaths. They shaped the person I’ve become today.

For instance, I learned that animals are good at reading the moods and emotions of their owners, and over the years I’ve become sensitive just like them. 

And that’s one of the reasons why your child should own a pet.

So, what exactly are one of a kind pets? Are they low maintenance pets that like to cuddle? Are they exotic pets? Do they have to be? Or maybe they are just normal pets that have unique personalities.

Here are some traits that all one of a kind pets share:

  1. They have a great deal of personality

2. Surprisingly easy to  take care of

3. They are unusual…in a good way

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Here are some animals I think would make one of a kind pets for you.

One of a Kind Pets: Rodents

Rodents are some of the most common pets, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t one of a kind pets.

Pet hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, and chinchillas make the best small pets for cuddling. These little furry animals are very affectionate pets that like to be held.

1. Gerbils

Pet Gerbils are some of the cutest little pets you can own. These small, sweet creatures are very easy to take care of. 

They make very entertaining pets to watch because they are very curious and like to explore their environment.

Gerbils may not make the best pets for kids because they are easily injured when squeezed or dropped. Also, they tend to nip when frightened.

They are social, intelligent animals that can easily be trained. This also means they thrive in groups or pairs.

The lifespan of pet gerbils is anything from 3 – 4 years, or even longer depending on the care it gets.

What do Pet Gerbils Need?

Nesting material and bedding material

They also need a spacious cage with lots of toys to keep them engaged since they are very active rodents.

Gerbil diet

Fruits, veggies, seeds, pellets

2. Chinchilla

Pet chinchillas are the best. They are also super easy to take care of. Chinchillas are nocturnal so they’ll be very active at night, or even at dawn.

They are one of the best pets that like to cuddle especially when you handle them gently from a young age. But chinchillas are not made equal. Some don’t like cuddles as you might expect from their appearance. They’ll take their time to get used to you. Just be patient.

They are very social, so you should keep them in pairs, especially same-sex pairs. And the better if they are littermates.

Chinchillas quickly get used to routine when it comes to feeding and handling. When you change this routine abruptly, they might be stressed out.

Because of their thick, luxurious coats, chinchillas are prone to overheating when kept in a warm room.

Chinchilla cages should be multi-platformed and have perches and playtoys to keep them engaged and exercised throughout the day. The larger the cage the better. 

They are truly low maintenance pets. For instance, you don’t have to give them baths. They keep their coats in tip-top shape by giving themselves nice dust baths.

Chinchillas are picky eaters so you should provide them with a variety of choices to choose from like seeds, fruits, veggies, hay grass, and chinchilla pellets.

3. Fancy Rat

Fancy rats also make one of a kind pets. They are highly intelligent and social creatures so you should have fun interacting with them. If socialized from a young age, they can be one of the best pets for cuddling. 

Rats are also low maintenance pets that need little attention when kept in pairs. They are also pets that are very easy to take care of because everything about them is uncomplicated (housing & diet).

Pet rat lifespan: 2 – 3 years

4. Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are one of the best low maintenance pets for kids. They are hardy, social, and intelligent creatures and are fun to watch too. 

I couldn’t forget to mention guinea pigs in my list of one of a kind pets because of their distinct personality and characteristics among pet rodents.

They’ll quickly recognize you and will show a behavior known as popcorning when they get used to you. They also vocalize (wheek) when they need some kind of attention.

Raising these little rodents is easy. But one thing you have to remember is that they need to be kept in same-sex pairs or in groups. They also need larger cages compared to other pet rodents.

Although they don’t live nearly as long as dogs or cats, you should expect your guinea pig to live as long as 5 – 7 years. So, it’s a long-term commitment.

One of a kind pets: Insects

5. Mantises

one of a kind pet mantis

Mantids are simple, low maintenance pets that are easy to take care of. Although they are not the best small pets for cuddling, they are wonderful pet insects for beginners.

Housing and feeding a praying mantis is very uncomplicated. They are great small pets for apartments.

Mantises are carnivorous insects so you should provide them with a variety of prey; anything from spiders and moths to worms and crickets. 

They make this list of one of a kind pets because of how unusual it is to have one. Still, they are the best pet insects!

6. Ants

Ant colonies are fun to watch. Starting your very own ant colony is very inexpensive. Ants are low maintenance pets since they need very little attention. 

They are omnivores so they enjoy eating what you eat. They especially like sweet treats like cake and bread crumbs. Dead insects are also great treats for them!

These one of a kind pets also need water so be sure to get them some by spraying it on their substrate. 

7. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

This easy-going insect makes a good pet for beginner insect keepers. They are good-natured insects and they don’t mind being handled by humans. 

They are truly one of a kind low maintenance pets because they are surprisingly easy to raise. Just provide them with a thick substrate and lots of places to hide and they’re good to go. They also need to be kept in a somewhat dark room.

They’ll eat a variety of food you provide them –  from fruits and veggies to dog food and bread.

8. African Giant millipede

Yes! African giant millipedes are exotic low maintenance pets. What makes them truly one of a kind pets is their docile, easy-going nature. 

They are herbivores that so you can feed them a variety of fruits & veggies. Apart from food and water, all you need to provide for your giant millipede is a nice tank with a thick layer of peat moss. 

9. Antlion

Antlions or ‘doodlebugs’ as they are commonly known, are insect larvae that make truly one of a kind pets. They’re known for digging small funnels into the sand to wait for their meals – ants.

It’s truly fun to watch how they hunt their prey. All you need to provide them is a tank with sand and some ants. 

They are one of the best low maintenance pets wonderful for curious kids. 

One of a Kind Pets: Spiders

Spiders and other arachnids like scorpions can also make very good pets. They pretty much live in their own world and don’t get attached to their owners. 

This makes them one of a kind pets because, when you keep them, you get to watch them do things just like they would in the wild. And they can be very fun to watch.

Spiders are truly low maintenance pets. They don’t require constant attention; they cost very little to take care of. You can make a your very own spider terrarium at home with a 5 – 10 gallon fish tank or a jar, depending on the spider you plan on getting. 

Here are some of the best pet spiders that are safe for your home.

10. Jumping spider

one of a kind pets: jumping spider

If you’re new to keeping pet spiders, jumping spiders are the best and most entertaining spiders you can have. 

These one of a kind pets are cute and are friendly towards humans. They rarely bite, unless you startle them by attempting to pick them up directly. But if you let them crawl onto your hand they won’t bite.

Unlike other species of spiders that hunt by spinning webs, these unique spiders do it by jumping on their prey.

There are literally thousands of species of jumping spiders and they all like warm climates. So be sure to provide some heating if you live in a particularly cold area.

11. Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula

These spiders have a unique appearance and are which makes them more appealing than other tarantulas. 

They are low maintenance pets which makes them a good first pet idea.

12. Crab Spider

Crab spiders are found all over the world and this means they can survive in a terrarium too. If you’re a beginner arachnid keeper, these spiders make the best low maintenance pets you can have. 

They resemble crabs ( scuttle sideways, hold their front legs as crabs do) and come in a variety of colors. Their color depends on the hunting terrain they occupy. 

Just be sure to provide lots of live plants in their terrarium to mimic their natural habitat.

One of a Kind Pets: Reptiles

Reptiles make great pets especially if you love reptiles and you have a fair bit of experience keeping them.

They rarely make low maintenance pets and when they do, these species make truly one of a kind pets for anyone new to keeping reptiles.

So, if you’re serious about keeping reptiles, it’s very important that you have sufficient information about the animal you’re interested in keeping.

Here are some of the coolest pet reptiles that also make up some of the best one of a kind pets.

13. Turtles

Turtles are some of the most wonderful pets one can have. But not all turtles are low maintenance pets. Some, like red-eared sliders and aquatic turtles, tend to be very challenging to take care of. 

One thing is certain though. Getting a turtle is requires a lot of commitment.

One of the best breeds of turtles that are also on the low maintenance side of the spectrum is the Eastern box turtle. 

In the wild, they live in varied environments and are therefore very adaptable and easy to take care of in a domestic setting. And they are omnivores too. So you can feed them both insects and plants. 

They are one of a kind pets you expect to have with you for quite a while. We’re talking 30 – 40 years!

14. Bearded Dragon

Compared to leopard geckos, these lizards are a fair bit challenging to house. They can grow to 18 – 24 inches so you need to keep them in a large 50-gallon tank for an adult. 

Apart from other requirements, like heating and exposure to UVA & UVB, these lizards make wonderful first pets. They are entertaining to watch and can easily be tamed.

16. Leopard gecko

These little, cute lizards are said to be ideal low maintenance pets for beginners. Compared to bearded dragons, they are way smaller and way easier to take care of. 

They are nocturnal so they don’t need UVA & UVB lighting. They are mainly insectivores so be sure to get lots of insects for them.

These lizards make one of a kind pets if you’ve never kept a reptile in your home before. They tend to be quite docile and are very easy to handle.

17. Green Anoles

These little creatures make great first pets for beginner reptile keepers. They are low maintenance pets because of their small size which makes them inexpensive pets that are easy to take care of.

However, they require specialized equipment to set up a conducive terrarium for them. They’re sensitive to their environment so you’ll have to pay close attention to maintaining their terrarium.

These one of a kind pets are very active. Males are quite territorial. To assert dominance, they extend their colored dewlaps (skin under the neck) to scare of other males especially in the presence of females.

Green anoles can change their skin color from brown to emerald green. They are skittish and shy at first but will become tame with time ( and gentle, consistent handling).

One of a Kind Pets: Snails

one of a kind pets: Snails

In recent years, snails have become very popular exotic pets. They are small, quiet, and very low maintenance pets.

They might not be the best small pets for cuddling but they are a ton of fun to watch in their world. Snails can even make easy first pets for kids.

They don’t need that much space to roam. A five or ten-gallon tank should be enough.

One of a kind Pets: Amphibians

18. Pacman Frogs

Pacman frogs are poor swimmers and spend most of their time on humid, damp patches of land. 

They get their name from their uncanny resemblance to PacMan, the legendary arcade game, because of their huge, rounded appearance and wide mouths. 

These frogs make wonderful exotic pets.

19. American Green Tree Frogs

Green tree frog

Native to the southeast United States, these frogs are bright green in color which really helps their camouflage. They have a cream/ light white stripe from the head to their flank.

These are easy frogs to take care of, even for a beginner. Housing these one of a kind pets is relatively simple too.

They don’t like to be handled and for good reason – their skin is very delicate.

20. Oriental Fire Bellied Toads

Oriental fire-bellied frogs are native to the rice paddies and the highlands of Southern Asia. These frogs have rough, warty backs and orange & black undersides.

These colorful frogs make one of a kind low maintenance pets. They are hardy and should not be too much of a challenge to take care of.

Oriental fire-bellied toads are active and fun to watch. They will also try to escape their enclosures so make sure you have a tight lid on their tanks.

These bright frogs are mildly toxic to humans so don’t handle it too much. And when you do, wash your hands with soap and water.

21. Fire-belly Newts

These are some of the most common amphibians you can buy as pets. Their ornate bellies (with patterns of orange, red, and black), make these little creatures one of the most attractive pets you can own.

They are relatively low maintenance pets and a small 5 – 10 gallon that mimics their natural habitat is the only thing you require to have them thrive. Apart from newt food, of course. 

And they live long for their size; with a lifespan of 10 – 15 years. They are truly one of a kind pets.

One of a kind Pets: Fish

22. Zebra Danios

These cute, little fish make one of a kind pets. They are tough and will thrive and breed in a variety of water temperatures. Unlike other fish, they mate for life which means they form lifelong couples – ooh!

They are easy to breed and form peaceful communities in your tank.

23. Mollies

Mollies are hardy fish and they thrive in tanks with heavy filtration –  they like their water very fresh. 

You can keep them in a separate tank or in a community tank with other fish; whichever works.

24. Neon Tetras

These little, ornate fish are a welcome addition to any aquarium. They like to swim in schools, so keep them in groups.

25. Guppies

Guppies come in a variety of colors and are very easy to take care of. 

26. Angelfish

They are large, graceful, and ornate creatures. These easy-going fish grow quite large, so you’ll need to provide at least a 55-gallon tank. 

They like hiding in thick aquarium bushes; provide plenty of plants for them. 

27. Swordtails

These make good fish for any budding fish-keeper. They’re low maintenance pets that don’t require any specialized care.

28. Hermit Crabs

one of a kind pets: Hermit crab

There are two types of pet hermit crabs – land & marine. 

Despite their name, hermit crabs are social creatures that make wonderful low maintenance pets for kids. 

They are active animals that are fun to watch. They are truly one of a kind pets. These crabs live in shell and must find larger ones as they grow. 

One of a kind Pets: Birds

29. Budgies

Budgies are one of a kind pets because they easily form tight bonds with their caregivers. They do like lots of attention too.

Provide a few toys for them or play with them for a while each day to keep these birds healthy and engaged.

30. Canaries

They are an excellent choice for especially for beginner bird-keepers. These birds are pretty hands-off and are generally low maintenance pets. 

To thrive, you need to provide them with a healthy diet and a nice cage to fly in.

31. Lovebirds

Even more charming than parrots, these little, cuties also make exceptional pets. They’re also a lower maintenance package compared to parrots. 

Despite the common myth, lovebirds need not be kept in pairs. A single lovebird will survive just fine with a few hours of interaction with its owner each day.

32. Finches

These are truly low maintenance pets. These birds can be left pretty much on their own, provided you keep them in a pair or more. All you need to provide is a roomy cage for them to fly and that’s it! 

Food, water, and a bit of cleaning up are required just so these pet birds are not neglected.

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