Hunting dog names

Names For Hunting Dogs

A hunting dog is any hunter’s best friend and most prized possession. And now that you’ve got yourself your new best buddy, it’s time to find him/ her the best names fit for ferocious, agile, and loyal hunting dogs.

So we’ve come up with a list of some of the best badass hunting dog names for male and female pups so you can pick the best names.

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Names for Male Hunting dogs

Here are some of the most appropriate hunting dog names for your boy pup.

  1. Boomer (large/ notable/ loud) – he’s big, strong and confident, isn’t he?
  2. Kingsley (means king’s wood)
  3. Buddy (friend) – another popular name for hunting dogs.
  4. Rocky – best name for hunting dogs; it’s also the name of one of our favorite Paw Patrol pups.
  5. Target – he never misses a target.
  6. Maverick – best for an independent-minded dog.
  7. Spike – good name for hunting dogs.
  8. Hercules – perfect for a big, strong, agile dog.
  9. Beast – top hunting dog name.
  10. Logger – he loves the woods.
  11. Orion (Greek for “hunter”.
  12. Duke (leader) – he leads the hunt, doesn’t he?
  13. King – he’s the leader of the hunt.
  14. Apollo – Greek god dog name meaning “destroyer”.
  15. Archer couldn’t be more fitting for a hunting dog.
  16. Beau (handsome) – one of the cutest hunting dog names.
  17. Trapper
  18. Deringer (German for unknown) – one of the best badass hunting dog names.
  19. Bolt (“bold) – hunting dogs are confident beasts.
  20. Diesel (Australian for virility) – male hunting dogs are virile and charged up.
  21. Blitz (“lightning”) – badass male hunting dog name.
  22. Ammo (ammunition) is one of the best gun dog names.
  23. Hunter – one of the most popular names for male hunting dogs.
  24. Camo (camouflage) – you won’t see him coming until he strikes.
  25. Rex (king) – popular name for hunting dogs
  26. Porter – bearer
  27. Colt (young horse/ small gun)
  28. Brutus (powerful in Latin)
  29. Sheriff (English origin) meaning “a county court officer.”
  30. Ruger (English origin), meaning “renowned-spear.”
  31. Bullseye – sounds cool and badass like all hunting dogs.
  32. Blaze – one of the best badass hunting dog names.
  33. Decoy (cage) – perfect for a hunting dog
  34. Jet – for agile and able hunting dogs.
  35. Magnum (Latin for “great.” or “big”)
  36. Benelli (in good health) – best name for an agile and ferocious doggie.
  37. Bud (friend) – one of the most popular names for hunting dogs.
  38. Bucky (buck-toothed)
  39. Smith – metal worker
  40. Dashiell (sky) – both of these are great hunting dog names.
  41. Remmington (English origin) meaning “from the ridge town.”

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Badass Male Hunting Dog Names

  1. Hammer – perfect for a strong male hunting dog.
  2. Gauge – one of the coolest hunting dog names.
  3. Legend – for an almost mysterious hunting dog.
  4. Jagger – Cool.
  5. Outlaw – “fugitive.”
Male hunting dog names

Military Hunting dog names

  1. General (commander) this is one of the more common military hunting dog names.
  2. Glock (handgun) – another common name. Badass too!
  3. Gunner – popular male hunting dog name.
  4. Radar – badass name for an alert dog.
  5. Ranger – badass military name for hunting dogs.
  6. Sarge – officer
  7. Tank – army vehicle

Gun Dog Names For Hunting Dogs

  1. Mauser  – one of the best gun dog names.
  2. Musket – long-barreled gun.
  3. Muzzle  – the open end of a gun barrel.
  4. Pistol  – a small gun
  5. Powder – meaning “gunpowder.”
  6. Remington – famous arms manufacturer.
  7. Revolver
  8. Winchester – repeating rifle
  9. Beretta – arms manufacturing company; also makes one of the best female hunting dog names.

Names For Female Hunting Dogs

Here are some of the best female hunting dog names for your girl pup.

  1. Justice – perfect hunting dog name.
  2. Echo – badass female hunting dog name.
  3. Artemis – Greek goddess of the hunt.
  4. Huntress – one of the most popular female hunting dog names.
  5. Sparta (simple) – has a badass feel to it.
  6. Athena – Greek Goddess of war and wisdom.
  7. Liberty – perfect for your quick and strong superhero doggo.
  8. Aspen – top female hunting dog name.
  9. Olympia – an elegant name for an athletic female hunting dog.
  10. Nyx (night)- sounds badass too!

Cute Female Hunting Dog Names

  1. Bess – God is my oath
  2. Cabela – cute female hunting dog name.
  3. Dixie (French origin) meaning “ten.” A good name to give a female hunting dog.
  4. Sable (black fur) – cool hunting dog name.
  5. Sage (wise) – a cute and elegant name for a girl hunting dog.
  6. Shiloh (peace) – one of the best female hunting dog names.

Hunting Dog Names Inspired By Nature and the Wild

  1. Lion
  2. Fawn
  3. Stormy
  4. Windy
  5. Fern
  6. Lynx
  7. Rain
  8. Bay
  9. Clove
  10. Meadow
  11. Cedar
  12. Sequoia
  13. Lark
  14. Ash
  15. Timber
  16. Dawn
  17. Rabbit
  18. Sunny
  19. Fox
  20. Ivy
  21. Maple
  22. Bear
  23. Thunder
  24. Birdy
  25. Birch
  26. Sky
  27. Marlin
  28. Hawk
  29. Tiger
  30. Willow
  31. River
  32. Finch
  33. Buck
  34. Boar
  35. Forest
  36. Panther
  37. Doe
  38. Goose
  39. Aurora
  40. Wolf
  41. Cricket
  42. Seal
  43. Moose
  44. Oak
  45. Cougar

Hunting Dog Names Inspired By Action Heroes

  1. Riddick
  2. Predator
  3. Jackie (Chan)
  4. Punisher
  5. Arnold (Arnold Schwarzenneger)
  6. Clint (Eastwood)
  7. Maximus (Decimus – The Gladiator)
  8. Wesley (Snipes)
  9. Thor
  10. Blade
  11. Lara (Croft)
  12. Bond (James Bond)
  13. Keanu (Reeves)
  14. Statham
  15. Bruce (Bruce Willis)
  16. Terminator
  17. Trinity
  18. Hulk
  19. Logan
  20. Conan (the destroyer)
  21. Hawkeye
  22. Sylvester
  23. Sigourney
  24. Dutch
  25. Ford
  26. Ripley
  27. Harrison
  28. Chuck (Norris)
  29. Rock
  30. Rambo
  31. Indiana

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