Mexican Dog Breeds

Fresh tequila. Margaritas. Pretty sandy beaches. These are the things that you think of first when someone talks about Mexico, not to mention the US-Mexico border, a touchy subject in every American election. But wait, there’s more that this country gives to us than we know: Mexican Dog Breeds. Sure, there aren’t as many dog breeds in Mexico as in countries like France, Great Britain, or Germany, but here are 5 of the best.

List of Mexican dog breeds


Known for their sassy personalities, Chihuahuas are undoubtedly the most common Mexican breeds. They are usually small in size with heights of 5-8inches and weights of less than 6 pounds. These tiny dogs are in various colors including black, white, chocolate, gold, cream, and mixtures of these. There are Chihuahuas with long hair, short hair, and even hairless ones. 

Despite each Chihuahua having a unique look, all of them are equally fun little lap dogs that enjoy cuddling with their owners. There are fierce, timid, loud, and quiet ones but they are surely amazing company to keep around. You should consider getting a Chihuahua for yourself if you live in a small apartment. 

Chinese Crested

You must be wondering how a dog dubbed “Chinese” could possibly be a breed from Mexico. Well actually, this breed of dog rose from a line of Mexican hairless dogs, after which they were imported to China for further breeding. Chinese Crested dogs are known to be very affectionate and lively, weighing 8-12 pounds and being 11-13 inches tall.

This breed comes in two varieties: the Hairless and the Powderpuff. The hairless ones have soft skin and tufts of hair on their tail and some on their paws that make them look like they are wearing socks. They also have long, flowing hair on their heads. The Powderpuff variety, on the other hand, has a long, soft coat instead. When the hair on its face is grown out completely, a Powderpuff resembles a terrier.

You should get a Chinese Crested dog as an adorable and affectionate companion that loves to be played with and pampered. One thing is that they get along with other household members, as well as other pets around them.

Mexican Pitbull

This extremely rare breed’s alias is Chamuco. For a fact, they are so rare that they are almost extinct. They look a lot like American Pits but are a crossbreed among Staffordshire Terriers, American bulldogs, American Pitbull Terrier, and the now-extinct Mexican Bulldog. With a life expectance of up to 15 years, Mexican Pitbulls are 14 inches tall and weigh approximately 25 to 40 pounds.

Mexican Pitbulls have rounded eyes, medium-sized muzzles, and high-set ears whose tips are fallen. Their necks are slightly arched and their shoulders muscular. Mexican Pitbulls also have broad chests, straight front legs, and low, short tails that taper towards the end. This kind of physique is what gives endurance and agility, which is why they were traditionally bred for dogfighting.

Mexican Pitbulls are rarely kept as house pets and are often used as guard dogs instead. However, those that are indeed kept as house pets get used to their owners and even see children as playmates. If they do not get socialized adequately, they then become aggressive as is their true nature.

Mexican Wolfdog 

This dog breed, also known as Calupoh, is the rarest on this list. It is a crossbreed of wild dogs and other breeds. The fact that these dogs come from a lineage of wolves makes many people feel secure around them, which is why they are used for taking care of cattle and sheep. Besides, they are loyal companions to keep around.

Mexican Wolfdogs are 22-29 inches tall and weigh around 50 to 90 pounds. They usually live for as long as 12-18 years. Their strength and agility are incredible, thanks to their muscular bodies and long legs. Even though they have some wolf DNA, they are surprisingly stable and easy to handle and train.

Mexican Wolfdogs are as loyal as wolves and will forever stick to your side. They are great at their job as guard dogs and enjoy it too, so you should consider getting one if you are looking for such temperaments in a dog.


For those of you whose tongues will bleed while pronouncing this name, you can just call them Xolo in short. This dog breed is hairless and is the best option for someone allergic to fur. However, some of them have some hair on their heads in some Mohawk of sorts. Thanks to a spontaneous mutation that occurred thousands of years ago, these dogs have this dominant hairless trait.

Xolo breeds can be found in standard, intermediate and miniature sizes. They weigh 10-55 pounds and are 9-26 inches tall. They are also ranked as highly intelligent, hypersensitive, energetic, and inquisitive, not to mention being good hunters. During ancient times, they were known as the dogs of the Aztec gods. Despite not being as popular as Chihuahuas, Xolo breeds are great to keep as pets, especially around children. This is because they like being active and can be destructive if they do not have a playmate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Chihuahua?

Since Chihuahuas are quite popular, it’s easy to find people that breed and specialize in them. A professional breeder sells one puppy for around $800, but you can always negotiate the price with them. However, special breeds of the Chihuahua might cost more. An example is the “Teacup Chihuahua”, a purebred type that’s very tiny. When fully grown, they are about 6 inches tall, weighing only 3 pounds. Puppies can be found around your location for $375 to $2500.

Final Thoughts on list of mexican dog breeds

So, that’s all you need to know about dog breeds from Mexico. As a dog lover, this world is pretty much your oyster, and knowing the types of dogs found in different parts of the world is important. I hope that this article has given you enough insight into what kind of Mexican dog is ideal for you and your lifestyle.

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