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Italian Dog Names: 175+ Meravigliosa Names For Your Cucciola!

Whether you’re in love with Italy and everything about the country, or you’re getting an Italian dog breed, these Italian dog names are perfect for your puppy. 

We’ve got names inspired by Italy’s cuisine, historical figures, famous Italian destinations, luxury fashion designers and so much more. 

Here are some of the most eccellente dog names in Italian.

Best Italian Dog Names

These are some cute and badass Italian dog names for boy and girl doggies.

  1. Lupo (wolf)
  2. Bella (beautiful)
  3. Luigi
  4. Rocco
  5. Paisano
  6. Isabella
  7. Dolce (sweet)
  8. Cappuccino
  9. Fabio
  10. Gianna
  11. Enzo
  12. Sicily
  13. Dante
  14. Luna (moon)
  15. Ferrari
  16. Siena
  17. Giuseppe
  18. Biscotti
  19. Cannoli
  20. Guido
  21. Scampi

Dog Names Inspired by Famous Italians In History

Italy boasts some of the most famous car makers, artists, authors, and leaders throughout history. It was the center of the renaissance after all.

  1. Armani
  2. Maserati
  3. Dante
  4. Enzo
  5. Raphael
  6. Polo
  7. Caesar
  8. Pavarotti
  9. Niccolò
  10. Fabio
  11. Lorenzo
  12. Lavinia
  13. Titian
  14. Raphael
  15. Ferrari
  16. Fontana
  17. Galileo
  18. Botticelli
  19. Cicero
  20. Lamborghini
  21. Michelangelo
  22. Marco
  23. Michelangelo
  24. Bellini
  25. Leonardo
  26. Bernini

Italian Names For Girl Dogs

Italian ladies are beautiful, feminine, and have some of the most beautiful names. These Italian dog names are perfect for your cute Italian lady. 

  1. Federica
  2. Ginevra
  3. Bellissa
  4. Catarina
  5. Belinda
  6. Rosetta
  7. Carlotta
  8. Elena
  9. Ludovica
  10. Flavia
  11. Mona
  12. Cadenza
  13. Antonia
  14. Giada
  15. Rosalia
  16. Caprice
  17. Volante
  18. Pippa
  19. Renata
  20. Giulia
  21. Lunetta
  22. Dona
  23. Alonza
  24. Regina
  25. Anita
  26. Rosa
  27. Clarice
  28. Francesca
  29. Carmela
  30. Pietra
  31. Alessia
  32. Stella
  33. Trista
  34. Cira
  35. Rachele
  36. Olympia
  37. Octavia
  38. Elda
  39. Serena
  40. Giorgia
  41. Constanza
  42. Grazia
  43. Viviana
  44. Giovanna
  45. Martina
  46. Piapious
  47. Gemma
  48. Benedetta
  49. Amalea
  50. Rufina
  51. Aria

Badass Italian Male Dog Names

  1. Diego
  2. Corrado
  3. Renzo
  4. Pippino
  5. Rocco
  6. Pasquale
  7. Francesco
  8. Giuliano
  9. Matteo
  10. Tommaso
  11. Ettore
  12. Aldo
  13. Ernesto
  14. Enrico
  15. Donatello
  16. Flavio
  17. Antonio
  18. Sergio
  19. Ricardo
  20. Piero
  21. Dante
  22. Ambrosi
  23. Mario
  24. Primo
  25. Fabio
  26. Carlo
  27. Baptiste
  28. Rinaldo
  29. Paolo
  30. Pietro
  31. Renzo
  32. Leone
  33. Bambi
  34. Gino
  35. Vito
  36. Ignazio
  37. Ugo
  38. Luigi
  39. Ilario
  40. Fabio
  41. Domenico
  42. Filippo
  43. Giuseppe
  44. Angelo
  45. Tino
  46. Vincenzo
  47. Giovanni
  48. Enzo
  49. Salvatore
  50. Lucio
  51. Egidio
  52. Tito
  53. Pascal
  54. Lorenzo
  55. Romano
  56. Colombo
  57. Romeo
  58. Leone
  59. Guido
  60. Federico
  61. Arturo
  62. Alessandro
  63. Elmo
  64. Luca

Food-inspired Dog Names In Italian

Interested in unique dog names? Here are some cute Italian dog names inspired by Italy’s delectable cuisine.

  1. Nutella
  2. Venti
  3. Espresso
  4. Gelato
  5. Prosecco
  6. Cannoli
  7. Margherita
  8. Biscotti
  9. Vino
  10. Pesto
  11. Ziti
  12. Ravioli
  13. Mozzarella
  14. Linguine
  15. Risotto
  16. Gnocchi
  17. Budino
  18. Ghirardelli
  19. Carmello
  20. Mozzarella
  21. Tiramisu
  22. Pizza
  23. Calzone

Italian Fashion Designers Dog Names

  1. Armani
  2. Moschino
  3. Gabbana
  4. Dolce
  5. Fendi
  6. Prada
  7. Ferragamo
  8. Gucci
  9. Cavalli
  10. Pucci
  11. Valentino
  12. Giorgio
  13. Versace
  14. Armani
  15. Donatella
  16. Massimo
  17. Gianni

Famous Italian Destinations

Italian locales also make wonderful dog names.

  1. Venice
  2. Lazio
  3. Tuscany
  4. Amalfi
  5. Palermo
  6. Naples
  7. Sicily
  8. Alessandria
  9. Milan
  10. Casoria
  11. Tivoli
  12. Pisa
  13. Siena
  14. Calabria
  15. Pompeii
  16. Catania

Italian Dog Breeds

Apart from producing some of the world’s most famous historical figures, Italy is also home to some of the best dog breeds in the world.  Italian dog breeds are quite diverse. So you’ll be able to get one if you’re interested in working breeds (herding and livestock protection), guard dogs, hunting, or even companion dogs. 

These dogs vary in size, temperaments, and requirements. Some will make the best low-maintenance pets, while others need lots of special care. 

What Dog Breeds Originated In Italy?

Here is a list of some of the most common Italian dog breeds.

St. Bernard – This is a very large working dog from the Western Alps of Italy and Switzerland. They are very strong dogs great for guarding. They’re also very affectionate making them perfect for family life.

St. Bernard Dog breed

Italian Greyhound – These dogs rose to popularity in the renaissance era and have been widely loved ever since. They are easy-going, affectionate, and playful when you take them outdoors. However, when indoors, they do like to curl up in their favorite spot and laze around. That’s why they are great dogs for apartments.

Italian dog breeds

Abruzzese Mastiff – These large, affectionate sheepdogs are great for guarding livestock. They are huge, white, furry beasts great for families because they get along well with other pets.

Italian dog breeds and dog names

Cane Corso – It is a large, muscular dog that has the appearance of an actual beast (a cute one!). They are very loyal guard dogs and affectionate companions. Their size means that they require lots of space to exercise.

Bracco Italiano – It’s a pointing breed; an old one at that. They’re huge, quite athletic, and driven dogs. They are calm and loyal at home. 

Lagotto Romagnolo  – The Lagotto is one of the oldest water dogs in Italy; that’s why it’s also known as the duck dog. They are intelligent, playful dogs that are eager to please.

Neopolitan Mastiff – This extra-large Italian dog is one of the gentler breeds great for families and kids. This gentle giant was bred for wars so it’s a ferocious guard dog too!

Bolognese – These small solemn, dogs are quite loving and amiable; they grow quite attached to their owners.

Maremma sheepdog – These avid shepherds are quite protective of their own; they are strong, intelligent, calm, courageous, and are quite loyal. 

Bergamasco sheepdog – Bergamascos are rare shepherd dogs know for their unique coats. They are intelligent, independent, and quite active so they require lots of room to exercise.

Spinone Italiano  – They are ancient, coarse-haired, versatile pointing dogs. They can retrieve on land and water; that’s why people love them. These dogs are gentle but can be stubborn, like their other pointing relatives. 

Volpino – It’s the tiniest and rarest on our Italian dog breeds list. But don’t let their size fool you. These dogs were used by renaissance women as watchdogs and vermin catchers because they are alert, vocal, and bursting with energy.

How many Italian Dog Breeds are there?

There are about 18 Italian dog breeds. Some are rarer than others and depending on their size and temperament, they have varying requirements. This is especially true for the small and extra big Italian dog breeds like the Abruzzese Mastiff, St. Bernard, and the tiny Volpino.

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