Husky dog names

Husky Male Dog Names

Huskies are one of the most recognizable dog breeds. They’re majestic and beautiful dogs just like these Husky male dog names. Huskies are active with boundless energy. They have a thick coat of fur and the most piercing and expressive eyes. They are bred to work mainly as sled dogs in icy cold places but you can now find them all over the world. 

If you have decided to adopt a Siberian husky, you will need a name that best expresses what you love most about huskies. Below are some names ideal for huskies to inspire you.

  • Jake: Is a name that suits a name that suits a fun-loving and happy dog. The name is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘supplanter.’
  • Jet: Is a name of English and American origin. The name is used to describe dogs that are jet black in color or dogs that are constantly speeding or jetting around. The name would be perfect for a black husky. 
  • Leo: Is a name of Latin origin meaning ‘lion.’ The name suits a fierce and brave dog. It would make a perfect name for a husky. 
  • Ice: Is a name that fits dog breeds which hail from cold regions with ice and frozen lakes. Huskies were originally bred as sled dogs in such regions in the far north. Ice would make an ideal name for a male husky. 
  • Noah: Is a name of Hebrew origin with strong Biblical ties. The name means ‘rest or peace.’ The name suits a husky with a calm personality.  
  • Bryce: Is a name of French meaning ‘son of a Nobleman.’ The name is also associated with the French word ‘brych’ which means ‘speckled.’ The name is perfect for a Husky with a speckled coat. 
  • Storm: Is a unisex dog name that signifies snow, rain, wind, hail, or sleet. The name suits a fast or speedy dog that likes to run around.
  • Apollo: Is a suitable name for male huskies that show qualities of being intelligent and strong. It is the name of the Greek god of medicine, prophecy, and wisdom.
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Cute male dog names for huskies

  • Paws: Is a name suits a cute pup with big paws that he hasn’t grown into yet. 
  • Fuzz: Is a name that suits a dog with a fuzzy or furry coat. Huskies have a thick and fluffy coat and the name would be perfect for a husky pup. 
  • Oreo: Is a name inspired by the American cookie brand that consists of a white cream filling sandwiched between two chocolate wafers. The name suits huskies with a black and white coats. 
  • Blue: Is a name associated with calmness, cleanliness, and stability. The name is also inspired by the beautiful blue eyes of most huskies.  
  • Buddy: Is American slang for ‘friend.’ The name is perfect for man’s best friend. It is an ideal name for a loyal husky that adores his owner. 
  • Milo:Is a name of German origin meaning ‘soldier or merciful.’ The name is perfect for a strong but easy going dog. 
  • Monty: Is a name of French origin that loosely translates to ‘mountain belonging to the ruler.’
  • Cody: Is a Greek name meaning ‘heard by God.’ The name is associated with mild-mannered dogs that are eager to please and want to be loved.
  • Ace: Is a name given to one who excels. The name means ‘number one or the best.’ 
  • Max: Is derived from the Latin and German name ‘Maximus’ which means ‘greatest.’ The name suits loyal and fun-loving dogs. 
  • Nico: Is a diminutive of Nicholas, a Greek name meaning ‘victory of the people.’ It is a good name for a dog that is full of charm and energy. 

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Badass Husky Male Dog Names

  • Loki: After the Norse god of mischief. It is a badass name for a dog that loves mischief. 
  • Diesel: Is a diminutive form of Dietrich or Matthias, names of German origin. It is a badass name for a big, strong, and aggressive dog breed like a husky. 
  • Chase: Is a male dog name that is perfect for an athletic, obedient, and loyal dog that can also be playful and sensitive. These are traits for a husky.  
  • Hunter: Is a male dog name ideal for dogs that are energetic, persistent and love to hunt. It would make a badass name for a husky pup. 
  • Tyson: Is a name of French origin meaning ‘firebrand.’ The name is also inspired by the former professional boxer Mike Tyson known as ‘the baddest man on the planet.’ 
  • Sabre: Inspired by the heavy one-edged sword and the prehistoric apex predator, the sabre-toothed tiger. It is a badass name for a husky. 
  • Wolf: Huskies are wolf-like dog breeds and are often bred with wolves. Wolf is a badass and perfect name for Huskies. 
  • Blaze: Is a name of Latin origin meaning ‘fire.’ The name suits a male dog with a fiery temperament. 
  • Thor: After the Norse god of thunder. It is a badass name for a badass dog. 
  • Gandalf: After the badass wizard in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit movies. 

Unique male dog names for huskies

  • Koda: Is a form of Dakota meaning ‘the ally or little bear.’ The name suits a large friendly dog.
  • Avalanche: Is an ideal and beautiful name for a hardworking sled dog. 
  • Akira: Is a Japanese dog name meaning ‘bright.’ The name suits an intelligent dog. 
  • Kavik: Is a name of Inuit origin meaning ‘wolverine.’ It is a unique dog name for wolf-like dog breeds such as huskies. 
  • Kazuki: Is a name of Japanese origin meaning ‘pleasant peace.’ The name suits a peaceful and loving dog.
  • Diego: Is the Spanish equivalent of James. The name suits a playful and high-energy boy dog.
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Siberia-inspired Husky male dog names

  • Alexei: Is a variation of Alexander meaning ‘defender of mankind.’ The name fits a strong and loyal dog. 
  • Boris: Is a name of Slavic origin meaning ‘battle or fight.’ The name is ideal for a strong and fierce dog. 
  • Viktor: Is a name of Russian origin meaning ‘winner or conqueror.’ The name fits Siberian dog breeds like the Siberian husky.
  • Luka: Is the Russian version of Luke, a name of Italian origin meaning ‘bringer of light.’ It is a wonderful name for a happy and playful dog that is a source of joy in your life. 
  • Igor: Is a Slavic variant of the Scandinavian name ‘Ingvar’ which means ‘army or warrior.’ 

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Final Thoughts on Husky Male Dog Names

Hopefully, the names provided above will help you narrow down and settle on the name that best encapsulates your husky’s character and appearance. 

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