Small Dog Carriers. How To Choose Best Small Dog Carrier

The small dog carrier you choose gives good ventilation to your dog, transports your dog in a safe posture, is fabricated to hold the weight of your dog’s breed, is suitable for your local weather, securely restrains him, and allows you to comfortable carry your pet.

No matter which carrier you select, your dog should wear a collar of some kind and you should have a leash handy. Many small dog carriers have compartments where a leash could be stored allowing you to be hands free as you transport your pet, yet maintain a leash in the event you must take your pet out of the carrier.

Is it a good idea to put my small dog in a carrier?

It is safer for you and your dog, to use a carrier when transporting your dog outside of your home. Even if your small dog is lightweight, like a small toy dog, you should always have a carrier to transfer him to, in the event you tire and he does not have the ability to or it is not safe for your small dog to walk the distance you are traveling.

In addition, it is easier on your pet to sit comfortably in a small dog carrier than to suffer potential injury from improper handling. If you cannot properly support your small dog with one arm around his chest and the other around his back leg, serious injuries to bones and joints can occur, no matter the weight of your pet. Simply because your tiny dog is lightweight does not mean it is okay to carry your dog in any fashion, including only with an arm around his chest, as so many times toys are improperly carried placing undo strain upon their rib cages.

A small dog carrier also is an ideal mode of transportation if your small dog is a senior pet and does not have the physical capacity to keep up with you, yet loves outings. Finally, a small dog carrier can allow you to take your pet into areas normally restricted to dogs, such as the airlines or even some stores.

In addition, with proper use, a small dog carrier caters to your pet’s instincts for the safety and haven of a den, and can promote calm in your pet in an unfamiliar environment. Use of a dog carrier should not be a trauma for your dog or you. It should be an enjoyable safe means of transportation for both of you.

A word of caution: when utilizing a carrier where you pet is high off the ground, choose one that has some kind of restraining leash you can snap to your pet to prevent your pet from leaping out. You cannot be certain your pet will not leap out at the site of something exciting; do not assume the height alone will keep your small dog from jumping out.

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