Good male dog names

Good Male Dog Names

This article contains a list of good boy dog names that are suited for dogs of different breeds, sizes, and colors. If you are at a loss of a great boy dog name, here are some good male dog names.

Choosing a name for your new best friend can prove to be challenging. The name has to be perfect since you will be calling it out for a long time. A good dog name enhances the responsiveness of your dog and improves communication between you for a long time. Therefore, you should pick a name you like to say.

Big male dog names

  1. Goliath: Is a Hebrew name of Biblical origin. It means the giant warrior, like the one who was slain by David in the Bible. It is a name commonly used for giant dog breeds such as Great Danes and Mastiffs. 
  2. Maximus: Is a Latin word which means “greatest.” If you see your dog as a noble warrior, then Maximus is the perfect name for him. 
  3. Hercules: After the Roman hero who was famous for his strength and epic adventures. The name is perfect for strong dog breeds such as pitbulls and mastiffs. 
  4. Hulk: Is inspired by the powerful superhero of the Marvel cinematic universe who is known for his brute strength. It is a powerful name for a powerful dog. 
  5. Bear: Is an ideal name for dogs with thick hair and a large body. The name also suits brave and strong dogs who are loyal. 
  6. Moose: Is inspired by the largest member of the deer family. The name suits large dog breeds with big ears and a happy, goofy attitude. 
  7. Kong: After a fictional monster resembling an enormous gorilla. This is an ideal name to give to a big male dog. 
  8. Colossus: Is a powerful name to give to a big male dog. It is an English word of Latin origin, meaning a person or thing of enormous size or ability. 
  9. Mammoth: After the extinct gigantic trunked mammals. It is a wonderful name for a large powerful dog. 
  10. Zeus: After the Greek god of the sky who is considered to be the ruler and father of all gods and humans. 
  11. Thor: After the Norse god of thunder and the powerful superhero of the Marvel cinematic universe. 

Here are some more popular dog names.

Cartoon character dog names

Anime dog names

  1. Ace: Is a name of Latin origin. It means “the best”, or “number one.”
  2. Max: Is a diminutive of Maximus, Maximilian, or Maxwell. It means the “greatest.”
  3. Rex: By original definition from Latin means “king.” It is also the name of one of the most fierce dinosaur species, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The name suits a large dominant dog.  
  4. Charlie: Is a popular dog name that can be used on just about every male dog breed. It is a name of German origin, meaning “man; strong and masculine.” It is a good name for loyal dogs with warm and friendly personalities. 
  5. Duke: Is a name of Latin origin, meaning “high-ranking nobleman” or “leader of the herd.” This is a fitting name for loyal and loving dogs. 
  6. Milo: Is a German name that means “soldier or merciful.” The name suits a gentle or easy-going dog.
  7. Jack: Is an English name that means “God’s gracious gift.” This name is a suitable fit for many dogs. 
  8. Leo: Is a Latin name for “lion.” It’s a fitting name for a brave dog.
  9. Theo: Is a name of Greek origin meaning “gift of god.” It’s a popular name for cute small dogs. 
  10. King:It’s an English name for “he who rules.” It’s a popular name suitable for almost every dog breed. 

Spanish male dog names/ Male dog names in Spanish

  1. Benito: means “blessed” in Spanish. It’s a good name for a good boy who is a blessing in your life.
  2. Diego: Is a popular Spanish dog name fitting for a high-energy boy-dog. 
  3. Pequeno: Means “little one” and is fitting for small dog breeds like the chihuahua.
  4. Mullido: Means “fluffy.” It’s a wonderful name for dogs with thick and wavy coats. 
  5. Carlos: Is a popular Spanish dog name meaning “free man.” It is a fun name for stubborn dogs. 
  6. Inigo: Means “fiery” and is a great name for a pup with a fiery temperament. 
  7. Fernando: Translates to “bold voyager” in Spanish. It is a cool name for a dog who isn’t afraid of anything. 
  8. Chico: Means “boy” in Spanish and is a fitting name for a good boy. 
  9. Federico: Means “peaceful warrior” and is a name that suits an easy-going dog. 
  10. Chiquito: Means “tiny one” in Spanish and is a fitting name for tiny dog breeds. 

More Spanish dog names?

German Male dog names

  1. Alger: Is a German word that translates to “noble or bright.”
  2. Bernard: Roughly translates to “brave as a bear.” It’s the perfect name for your brave pooch.
  3. Bruno: Means  “brown-haired” in German. It is a wonderful name for dogs with a brown coat.  
  4. Dieter:  Is a name of German origin meaning “the people’s ruler.”
  5. Frederick: Is a name that translates to “peaceful ruler.”
  6. Gunther: Is a popular German name that means “warrior.”
  7. Hugo: Is a wonderful name that means “wiseman” in German. 
  8. Jaeger: Is a popular badass name that means “hunter” in German.

Male dog names in french

  1. Rififi: Is a funny French male dog name meaning “trouble.” It is an awesome name to give to a troublesome pooch.
  2. Pascal: Pascal is a popular French name meaning “mischievous.” The name is fitting if your pup is a handful.
  3. Perceval: Means “pure and innocent.” It is a name befitting a gentle dog. 
  4. Heureux: Is a French name that means  “happy.” The name suits a happy and active dog.
  5. Andre: Is a popular name that means “male warrior.” It is perfect for a brave pup.
  6. Aubin: Means  “white” and is an ideal name for dogs with a white coat.
  7. Baldoin: Means “brave friend” in French. It is an ideal name for a fearless dog. 
  8. Leon: Is a popular name of French origin that means “lion.”

Here are more French dog names.

Male dog names Irish

  1. Conan: Is a popular Irish name meaning “little wolf.” It is perfect for wolf-like dog breeds such as huskies. 
  2. Murphy: Translates to “little warrior.” It is a name suited for a small but tough dog breed. 
  3. Kieran: Means “little dark one.” It is ideal for a dark-coated pup.
  4. Aidan: Means “little and fiery.” It is perfect for a little dog with a fiery attitude. 
  5. Cillian: Is a wonderful Irish name that means “bright headed.”

Final Thoughts on Good Male Dog Names

Hopefully, the dog names listed above have enabled you to narrow down to a list of potential names for your new best friend. Happy naming!

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