Goddess cat names

Goddess Cat Names: 90+ Deity-inspired Names For Female Cats!

Goddess cat names are perfect for any female kitty. Cats like to dominate and be the center of attention – they own you rather than you owning them! They do what they want to when they want to. 

And it’s no wonder the Egyptians worshipped cats. They are charming and sometimes aloof just like goddesses. So, we’ve come up with a list of goddesses’ names and meanings from different cultures in history for you to pick the best unique names for girl cats.

Ancient Greek Goddess Cat Names

  1. Achelios – A moon goddess. Her name means “she who washes away the pain”.
  2. Astrea – the “Star Maiden”
  3. Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty.
  4. ATÉ – goddess of mischief, folly, and ruin.
  5. Apate – Goddess of gardens, and flowers.
  6. Artemis – goddess of the hunt.
  7. Atropos – goddess of fate and destiny
  8. Alectrona – Goddess of the Sun & Morning.
  9. Amphitrite – goddess of the sea.
  10. Antheia – Goddess of gardens, and swamps.
  11. Athena – Goddess of wisdom, art, and war.
  12. Aphaea – Goddess of fertility.
  13. Alcyone – Daughter of Atlas and Pleione.
  14. Bia – goddess of force and energy
  15. Brizo – protector of mariners, fishermen, and sailors.
  16. Clio – The muse of history
  17. Cybele – goddess of nature, mountains, and wild animals.
  18. Clotho – Responsible for spinning the thread of life.
  19. Calypso – Sea nymph said to be the daughter of ATLAS.
  20. Calliope – the muse of epic poetry.
  21. Ceto – sea monster goddess and mother of sea monsters.
  22. Celeano – the mother of the sea god’s children Lycus and Nycteus
  23. Circe – A goddess of magic (turned her enemies into beasts).
  24. Demeter – Goddess of fertility, justice, and harvest.
  25. Doris – A sea nymph.
  26. Eos – A Titaness and the goddess of the dawn.
  27. Electra – means bright one.
  28. Erato – the muse of love and erotic poetry.
  29. Enyo – goddess of war and destruction.
  30. Eris – goddess of chaos, and strife.
  31. Elpis – The spirit and personification of hope.
  32. Eileithyia – Goddess of childbirth.
  33. Euterpe – the muse of music and lyric poetry.
  34. Gaia – Greek goddess of the Earth also known as “Mother Earth”.
  35. Hygea – Goddess of good health, and cleanliness.
  36. Hebe – Goddess of eternal youth.
  37. Hestia – goddess of the hearth, home, family, and domestic life.
  38. Hecate – goddess of magic, and necromancy (the undead).
  39. Hemera – goddess of the day, and daylight.
  40. Harmonia – goddess of harmony and peace.
  41. Hera – Goddess of goddesses.
  42. Iris – Goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.
  43. Kotys – A goddess known for wild and lascivious celebrations.
  44. Keres – These were female spirits, and daughters of the goddess of the night Nyx.
  45. Lachesis – One of the Three Fates, measurer of the thread of life, which determines Destiny.
  46. Metis – An Oceanid goddess of wisdom.
  47. Mania – goddess of the dead insanity, and crazed frenzy.
  48. Maia – goddess of fields.
  49. Melpomene – Originally the muse of singing,and later of tragedy.
  50. Merope – One of the seven Pleiades.
  51. Nemesis – goddess of retribution and vengeance.
  52. Nike – Winged Goddess of victory.
  53. Nyx – goddess of the night.
  54. Persephone – Goddess of vegetation and spring; also queen of the Underworld.
  55. Polyhymnia – the muse of sacred poetry, sacred hymn, dance, and eloquence.
  56. Pheme – The goddess of fame, reknown and gossip
  57. Peitho – goddess of seduction.
  58. Rhea – goddess of nature and known as “the mother of gods”.
  59. Selene – Moon goddess, sometimes referred to as Luna and the ‘mother’ of vampires.
  60. Styx – Goddess of the river Styx.
  61. The Erinnyes – Goddesses of retribution and vengeance.
  62. Themis – Titaness of divine law, natural law, custom and culture.
  63. Thalia – the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry.
  64. The Muses (9) – They were the goddesses of the arts.
  65. The Graces – Goddesses of retribution and vengeance.
  66. Tyche – Goddess of fortune and prosperity.
  67. Terpsichore – Muse of dance and chorus.
  68. Thetis – goddess of water and Sea Nymph. She is also a prophet and shapeshifter.
  69. Taygete – A mountain nymph.
  70. Urania – the muse of astrology and astronomy.

Norse Goddesses Names For Cats

  1. Hiln – a spirit Goddess
  2. Erda – Goddess of healing.
  3. Heidi – means female
  4. Bygul – means honey; this was one of Freyja’s cat’s names.
  5. Gull – immortal Goddess
  6. Valkyrie – chooser of the slain
  7. Eydis – “Goddess of good luck”.
  8. Vanadis – another name for Freya.
  9. Embella – the first woman created by God.
  10. Sif – wife of the storm God.
  11. Sif – goddess of the earth, homes, and crops
  12. Nanna – Earth Goddess.
  13. Idun – goddess of spring, new life, and youth
  14. Skadi – Norse goddess of winter and hunting
  15. Tordis – Goddess of Thor.
  16. Frigg – Norse goddess of foresight and motherhood
  17. Vina – Goddess of vineyards.
  18. Hel – goddess of the underworld
  19. Beyla – Goddess of bees.
  20. Freyja – Norse goddess of love, battle, and death
  21. Saga – Goddess of prophecy.
  22. Elli – goddess who challenged and defeated Tho.

Egyptian Goddess Cat Names

  1. Iuasaas – Wife of Atum, the creator God.
  2. Anut – Warrior Goddess and defender of the Sun God.
  3. Wadjet – A snake Goddess.
  4. Neith – Goddess of the hunt and war.
  5. Renenet – Goddess of the harvest linked to the future, prosperity and abundance
  6. Meretseger – A cobra Goddess and deity of punishment and mercy.
  7. Heket – a frog goddess
  8. Mehet –Weret – cow Goddess who gave birth to Ra, the sun god.
  9. Unut – A Hare Goddess.
  10. Menhit – Goddess of War; her name means she who slaughters.
  11. Nekhbet – Vulture Goddess of childbirth and protector of the Pharaoh.
  12. Nephthys – Goddess of magic, death, decay and the unseen.
  13. Bast – Fertility goddess childbirth.
  14. Pakhet – A lioness Goddess who hunted at night.
  15. Mafdet – Protector of Ra.
  16. Nut – Goddess of the sky.
  17. Beset – She was a protective deity associated with birth.
  18. Wosyet – Protector of youth.
  19. Tayet – Goddess of weaving.
  20. Tefnut – Moon Goddess of water and fertility.
  21. Isis – fertility goddess associated with magic and healing.
  22. Amaunet – The Goddess of the Northwind, which carried the rain.
  23. Renpet – Mistress of Eternity; goddess associated with spring, youth and renewal.
  24. Satet – Goddess of plentiful floods.
  25. Seshet – Goddess of knowledge.
  26. Bata – A cow Goddess considered to be the essence of the soul.
  27. Hatmehit – A fish goddess.
  28. Meskhenet – Goddess of childbirth.
  29. Sekhmet – Goddess of destruction and war.
  30. Kauket – goddess of darkness and chaos.
  31. Ma’at – Goddess ofbalance, truth, and justice.
  32. Hathor – A solar Deity who influenced music, dancing, and fertility.
  33. Hedetet – Scorpion Goddess; daughter of Ra.

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