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Foods Cats Can Eat: What Can Cats Eat Apart From Cat Food?

Cats are carnivores, meaning that they primarily eat meat. They can also eat other foods, but they may not provide the appropriate nutrients required for their growth and development. Knowing foods cats can eat apart from cat food be confusing at times.

The following article contains important information about what you should know when feeding your cat.

What Foods Should Cats Eat?

Cats are obligate carnivores. This means that they require animal protein in their diet to be in optimal health. Cats will never survive on a vegan diet. Their food must have meat for them to obtain the right nutrients from their diet.

The best food to feed your cat is a high-quality commercial cat food that has been verified by a board of veterinary animal nutritionists. The food should also be appropriate for your cat’s age and health. 

When in doubt about what to feed your cat, you can always consult your veterinarian and they will recommend what to feed your cat. By assessing the health status of your cat, consulting your local vet every now and then will ensure that you are feeding your cat the best cat food. 

While commercial cat food is perfectly acceptable for your cat, you can also switch up your cat’s diet to offer some variety. You can do this by offering your cat cooked meat and fish. Many cats love fish.

However, you should not feed your cat fish every day since fish contains high levels of fatty acids. This can lead to vitamin E deficiency in cats which is dangerous for your cat. 

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How Much Food Does Your Cat Need?

The amount of food appropriate for your cat is proportional to its size, weight, and age, so don’t always follow your neighbor’s or friends’ diet plan for their cat. Feeding your cat large portions of food can lead to obesity, which is a major contributor to shortening the life span of your cat.

As such, it is important to always feed your cat the right amounts of food. You should also ensure that your cat always has access to enough drinking water. If you’re not sure about the amount of food to feed your cat, always ask for advice from your veterinarian.  

Food in relation to your cat’s age

What Foods Can Kittens Eat?

Feeding kittens the right food is very important since they are still developing their bones and joints. Your kitten should primarily be fed a balanced, premium, high-quality commercial kitten food. 

For variety, you can also offer your kitty cooked or raw meat. However, you should avoid feeding your kitten raw cuts of meat until she is at least 20 weeks of age. This is because your kitten’s immune system isn’t strong enough to fight the potential pathogens that may be present in raw meat.

On the other hand, feeding raw meat from time to time may help to remove plaque from your cat’s mouth. 

You should also avoid feeding your kitten cooked bones. This is because the bone may splinter, obstructing or causing damage to your kitten’s digestive tract. Instead, your kitten’s diet should include moist foods such as cooked meat and canned food. These are easier for your kitten to ingest and they help improve your kitten’s urinary tract health. 

When it comes to deciding the appropriate quantity of food to feed your kitten, you should consult your veterinarian, who will look at the weight, breed, size, and overall health status of your kitten, before preparing an appropriate meal plan for your kitten. 

What Foods Can Adult Cats Eat?

The diet of your adult cat should also primarily contain premium, high-quality commercial cat food. This should provide all the necessary nutrients your cat requires to maintain good health. When purchasing the food, you should check the label to see what the food contains.

Although the commercial cat food may be enough, you should also offer your cat variety in their diet by occasionally feeding her cooked meat and fish. These are a great source of protein for your cat.   

What Foods Can Senior Cats Eat?

Senior cats are more likely to experience health issues compared to younger cats. As such, the wrong diet may result in serious health problems for your senior cat.

Most old cats benefit from a wet diet consisting of cooked or canned meat. This helps to increase the amount of fluid your cat consumes. If your cat already has health issues, you should consult your vet about the best diet for your senior cat. 

The amount of food appropriate for your senior cat depends on your cat’s age, breed and size. You should work to find the right balance between underfeeding and overfeeding your cat.

Senior cats generally prefer to eat smaller portions of food evenly spread throughout the day. You should offer food to your senior feline friend at least four times a day. Feeding them smaller portions more regularly helps to improve your cat’s urinary tract.   

If you have any doubts, you should speak to your veterinarian. They will be able to help you with any concerns regarding the foods your cat can eat.  

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