Female Italian dog names

Female Italian Dog Names: 120+ Bellissima Dog Names & Their Meanings!

Naming your female pup doesn’t have to be complicated with these dog names in Italian with their meanings. Whether you just love everything Italian or you’ve recently got yourself an Italian dog breed, this list of Italian dog names has got something for your pup.

Cute Italian Dog Names and Their Meanings

Here are some random Italian girl dog names for female pups. They are beautiful and feminine just like your female pup should be. With one of these names, your pup will be unmistakeably Italian.

  1. Rosalie (Rose)
  2. Violet (Flower)
  3. Belladonna (Beautiful Lady)
  4. Nicola (People’s victory)
  5. Matilde (Powerful in battle)
  6. Aletta (Winged)
  7. Simona (One who hears)
  8. Amalea (Hard Working)
  9. Zaza (Belonging to all)
  10. Sara (Princess, lady)
  11. Benedetta (Blessed)
  12. Bellissa (Fair; lovely one)
  13. Marta (Lady)
  14. Clarice (Clear)
  15. Baronessa (Baroness)
  16. Leonora (Light)
  17. Renata (Rebirth)
  18. Terza (Born Third)
  19. Serena (Serene)
  20. Constanza (Constant)
  21. Cameo (Sculptured Jewel)
  22. Beatrice (Blesses)
  23. Sofia (Wise)
  24. Perla (Pearl)
  25. Maria (Bitter)
  26. Angela (Angel)
  27. Pippa (Lover of Horses)
  28. Ludovica (Famous in war)
  29. Frida (Beautiful, beloved)
  30. Bianca (White)
  31. Aurora (Uminous, dazzling)
  32. Valentina (Brave)
  33. Pia (Pious)
  34. Cara (Beloved friend)
  35. Virginia (Pure)
  36. Volante (Flying)
  37. Dona (Lady)
  38. Cerelia (Fertile)
  39. Contessa (Royalty)
  40. Nicia (People’s Victory)
  41. Emma (Whole or universal)
  42. Ginevra (White shadow)
  43. Allegra (Joyful)
  44. Rufina (Red-Haired)
  45. Angelica (Angel)
  46. Catarina (Pure)
  47. Gemma (Jewel)

Cute Female Dog Names For Italian Dog Breeds

Female Italian Greyhound Dog Names

They’re easy-going, affectionate, and playful (outdoors), but when in the house, they are sweet, calm dogs that love to laze around. Italian greyhounds are low-energy, and together with their short coat, they’re a truly low-maintenance dog breed.

  1. Belinda (Serpentine)
  2. Celia (Heaven)
  3. Florence (The city in Italy)
  4. Aida (Happy)
  5. Elda (Warrior)
  6. Greta (Pearl)
  7. Mercedes (Merciful)
  8. Elisabetta (God of plenty)
  9. Alonza (Battle Ready)
  10. Olympia (From Olympus)
  11. Leola (Lion)
  12. Miriam (Princess or lady)
  13. Teresa (Harvester)
  14. Olivia (Olive)
  15. Liliana (Lily)
  16. Bruna (Dark Haired)
  17. Rosalia (Rose)
  18. Francesca (Derived from the Latin Frances meaning French, or free one)
  19. Giovanna (Gift from God)
  20. Fortuna (Fortune, fortunate)
  21. Laura (Satisfactory, sufficient)
  22. Rosetta (Little Rose)
  23. Giulia (Youthful)
  24. Rossella (Name which derives from Rose and could indicate red hairs)
  25. Octavia (Born Eight)
  26. Viola (Violet)
  27. Roma (From Rome)
  28. Regina (Queen)
  29. Margherita (Daisy)
  30. Madonna (My lady)

Female Cane Corso Dog Names in Italian

The Cane Corso is a large, muscular working dog bred for guarding and protection. Their straight face and strong stature will send shivers down your spine, but when you get to know them they’re loving, loyal, protective dogs that are just as playful as other sociable dogs. And they’re great with kids too, making them wonderful family pets. However, they require quite a bit of space to play and exercise. Also, they’re quite protective of their own and can, therefore, be distrusting in the presence of strangers.

  1. Martina (Feminine form of Martin)
  2. Antonia (Priceless)
  3. Nives (Be as white as snow)
  4. Paola (Small)
  5. Giuliana (Youthful)
  6. Mia (Wished for Child)
  7. Pietra (Rock)
  8. Ilaria (Cheerful, happy)
  9. Aria (Air; song or melody)
  10. Gaia (Earth)
  11. Cadenza (Rhythmic)
  12. Nocciolina (Peanut)
  13. Esta (From the East)
  14. Bambi (Child)
  15. Ramona (Protecting hands, protector)
  16. Valeria (Strength, valor)
  17. Caprice (Fanciful)
  18. Alessia (Defender)
  19. Ghita (Pearl)
  20. Mona (Lady)
  21. Federica (Peaceful ruler)
  22. Isabella (Consecrated to God)
  23. Iniga (Fiery)
  24. Trista (Sad)
  25. Andria (Manly)
  26. Carmela (Garden)
  27. Verdette (Guardian)
  28. Rachelle (Lamb)
  29. Camila (Young, virginal)
  30. Rosa (Rose)

Female Neopolitan Mastiff Dog Names In Italian

The Neopolitan Mastiff was bred for guarding and protection like its Corso sister. These dogs are large but very gentle with the kids.

  1. Cira (Sun)
  2. Donatella (Given by God)
  3. Anita (Grace)
  4. Grazia (Grace)
  5. Vittoria (Victory)
  6. Bella (Beautiful)
  7. Viviana (Alive)
  8. Elena (Light)
  9. Silvana (Forest)
  10. Baptiste (After John the Baptist)
  11. Giorgia (Italian feminine form of George)
  12. Rachele (Lamb)
  13. Leona (Lion)
  14. Gabriella (God Given Strength)
  15. Fausta (Lucky)
  16. Fabia (Bean Farmer)
  17. Chiara (Light, clear)
  18. Clariss (Clear)
  19. Flavia (Blond)
  20. Stella (Star)
  21. Irene (Peace)
  22. Agata (Kind)
  23. Lunetta (Little Moon)
  24. Carlotta (Strong)
  25. Natala (Born at Christmas)

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