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Dog Groomers Near Me: How To Find Reliable and Affordable Pet Care

For ages, I’ve been trying to find the most affordable, reliable, and even mobile dog groomers near me. Most of the time, I’ve found okay ones and some of the time, I found great pet salons that offered premium services I couldn’t afford. Talk about spending $150 in a pet salon – I don’t have that kind of money in my tight mom’s budget.

So if you’re trying to find “affordable dog groomers near me” here is a list of some of the best pet salons you can count on to give your dog one of the best spa days he/she’s ever had.

Dog Groomers Near You

  1. Rover offers affordable mobile dog grooming services you should check out.
  2. Bark can also help you find professional dog groomers near you.

FAQs about Dog Groomers Near Me

What is Dog Grooming?

Since more and more people are keeping pets, dog or pet grooming has become an important sub-sector in the pet and pet products economy. 

It is a DIY activity but if you don’t have the luxury of time or you don’t particularly enjoy the activity, pet grooming salons come in handy. That’s why queries of “dog groomers near me” queries on Google have been steadily rising over the past few months.

Why Should I Take My Dog To Professional Groomers?

Professional groomers have the right skills, tools, and experience your dog needs to have a fine-looking coat. Chances are you may have one or none of these. 

Aside from hygienic care, there are many other reasons why you should have your dog regularly groomed. 

For instance, cutting your dog’s hair/ fur helps aerate its coat helping it to grow healthy and strong. Washing your dog’s skin and/ or running a brush through it is a form of massage that aids in improving your dog’s skin quality by increasing blood flow.

Whether you groom your dog for aesthetic reasons or you just want to reduce the amount of dog hair and dander in your house, dog grooming is a necessity in any dog’s lifestyle. 

It should be done regularly or routinely and that’s why you should find reliable dog groomers near you. 

What Services Should Professional Dog Groomers Offer?

  1. Face trim
  2. Feet and Fanny trim
  3. Teeth Cleaning (Brush)
  4. Paw balm
  5. Free consultation
  6. Ears cleaned and plucked if necessary
  7. Nail polish
  8. Basic health checks including checking anal glands
  9. Spa treatments
  10. Claws trimmed and filed
  11. Eyes cleaned
  12. Full coat brush out

How Much Should Professional Pet Grooming Cost?

Depending on several factors including the length of your pet’s hair and the size of your dog, your pet groomer will advise you on the options available and the services offered. 

If you have two or more dogs to groom, the price of the second may be significantly cheaper depending on the groomer.

How Can I Choose the Best Dog Groomers Near Me?

Before choosing a suitable pet groomer for you and your pet, consider some or all of these factors. They include:

  1. Experience – different breeds of dogs or cats have different grooming needs. So, when picking a pet groomer, make sure to ask what kinds of breeds they work with most. Do they understand the standard requirements for your breed? Can they perform basic grooming procedures for your breed?
  2. Training – Also check to make sure your groomer has the right training. Some groomers learn on the job while some have attended college courses. Go for groomers that have the best training, they’re your best bet.
  3. The facility – Is it well-equipped? How ‘clean’ are they? Do they have a pet-friendly atmosphere? What kind of products do they use? Are they safe for your pet?
  4. First aid facilities – Professional groomers should be trained to perform first aid on pets. So do they have first aid kits in sight? Does the groomer ask you about your pet’s medical conditions like skin problems, allergies, or any other complications? – run if they don’t.
  5. Liability insurance – Do the groomers have one? This will cover any hefty medical expenses you should incur if your pet is injured under their care. 
  6. Housing – your pet’s safety is paramount especially if he’s out of your care. That’s why you should check where your pet will be housed when he/ she is not on the grooming table. Your groomers should have clean, padded, and aerated crates or a designated play area for your dog to wait in.
  7. Hidden fees – A professional dog groomer should quote you the exact price for your dog depending on the services they offer. Check their catalogs to make sure they don’t have any hidden charges.

Should I Check My Dog Groomer’s Credentials?

Before making any trip a pet groomer or calling a mobile dog groomer, check to make sure they have Certificates or Diplomas in Dog Grooming. 

Or if they don’t, they should at least have excellent reviews on their website. So be sure to read the testimonials.

How Do I Know When To Use Professional Dog Groomers Near Me?

Depending on the length of your pet’s hair, most owners with long-haired dog breeds have their pets groomed every 4 – 6 weeks; short-haired breeds owners should have them groomed every 8 – 12 weeks.

However, the best way to know when to have him/ her professionally groomed is to inspect your pet’s hair. Look out for the following cues:

  1. Any mats or unsightly patches on his/ her coat.
  2. Is your pet having trouble seeing because of overgrown facial hair?
  3. How does the coat look? Is it shaggy and unkempt all the time?
  4. Is your pet having trouble keeping himself clean because of long hair?

Also, check out this article on hypoallergenic dog breeds.

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