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Cute Russian Dog Names: 150+ Best Russian Dog Names

Whether you’re a fan of Russian culture, have got Russian parentage, or have a cute Russian dog breed, these dog names are an excellent choice for your new addition. 

Russian Dog Breeds

Russia is home to many unique dog breeds like the Karelian bear dog, Russian toy, Russian tsvetnaya bolonka, and the Central Asian shepherd dog. There are many famous dog breeds to come out of Russia too like the Siberian husky, Samoyed, and the Black Russian Terrier. 

So here is our Russian dog names list.

Popular Russian dog names and their Meanings

These are some of the most common traditional Russian dog names. They are unmistakable and are perfect for both male and female puppies. 

  1. Boris (wolf)
  2. Viktor (conqueror)
  3. Sacha (defending warrior)
  4. Irina (peace)
  5. Michail (follower of god)
  6. Nikolai (victory of the people)
  7. Annika (grace)
  8. Anastasia (resurrection)
  9. Alexei (defender of man)
  10. Oksana (praise be to god)
  11. Natasha (born on Christmas day)
  12. Sergei (servant)
  13. Dimitri or Dmitry
  14. Svetlana (luminescent)
  15. Demetrius
  16. Katya (pure)

Got a cat? Here are some Russian cat names for your kitty.

Cute Russian dog names (Female)

  1. Natalia (Christmas)
  2. Kira (ruler)
  3. Serafima (fiery one)
  4. Tanya (praiseworthy)
  5. Raisa (relaxed)
  6. Galina (calm, tranquil)
  7. Elizaveta (Russian version of Elizabeth)
  8. Katia (nickname for Ekaterina)
  9. Maria (Russian version of Mary)
  10. Svetlana (light)
  11. Elena (Russian version of Helen)
  12. Nadia (dew, generous)
  13. Yelena (shining light)
  14. Evgenia (noble)
  15. Sonia (Russian form of Sophia)
  16. Margosha (pearl)
  17. Evgenia (noble)
  18. Oksana (praise for God)
  19. Irina (Russian version of Irene)
  20. Vera (faith)
  21. Svetlana (luminescent)
  22. Lidia
  23. Marina (of the sea)
  24. Aliona (light)
  25. Yulia (Russian version of Julia)
  26. Darya (Russian version of Darius)
  27. Anya (a Russian version of Anna)
  28. Anna (a Russian version of Hannah)
  29. Katerina (Russian form of Katherine)
  30. Masha (nickname for Maria)
  31. Ekaterina (pure)
  32. Faina (light)
  33. Adelaida (noble)
  34. Fedosia (God’s gift)
  35. Polina (Russian and female version of Paul)
  36. Ksenia (hospitable)
  37. Doroteya (god’s gift)
  38. Anastasia (resurrection)
  39. Olga (holy)
  40. Valeriya (strong)
  41. Lubov (love)
  42. Olga (blessed, holy)
  43. Aleandra (defender of man)
  44. Alina (beautiful)
  45. Nina (grace)
  46. Manya (sea of bitterness)
  47. Calina (snowball tree)
  48. Lada

Badass Russian Male Dog Names

  1. Daniil (Russian version of Daniel)
  2. Grigory (watchful)
  3. Igor (warrior of peace)
  4. Artur (Russian version of Arthur)
  5. Rodion (Hero’s song)
  6. Nikolai (victorious)
  7. Grigory (Russian version of Gregory)
  8. Makar (blessed)
  9. Boris (fighter)
  10. Artem (healthy and sound)
  11. Oleg (blessed)
  12. Pyotr ( rock)
  13. Aleksandr (defender of mankind)
  14. Viktor (conqueror)
  15. Yaroslav (Bright fame, glory)
  16. Igor (warrior)
  17. Stepan (Russian version of Stephen)
  18. Luka ( light)
  19. Andrei (manly)
  20. Fyodor (gift of god)
  21. Misha (nickname for Mikhail)
  22. Ruslan (lion)
  23. Maxim (greatest)
  24. Pavel (Russian version of Paul)
  25. Feliks (lucky)
  26. Zakhar (God remembered)
  27. Konstantin
  28. Fyodor (God’s gift)
  29. Evgeny (Russian version of Eugene)
  30. Vladimir (of great power)
  31. Nikita (unconquerable)
  32. Misha (bear cub)
  33. Mikhail (Russian version of Michael)
  34. Pyotr (Russian version of Peter)
  35. Anatoly (sunrise)
  36. Stanislav (glory)
  37. Alek (short for Aleksandr)
  38. Dmitry (Russian for follower of Greek god Demeter)
  39. Ivan (Russian version of John)
  40. Konstantin (constant, steadfast)
  41. Alexei (defender)
  42. Denis (French name derived from Dionysus)
  43. Vladimir (famous prince)
  44. Illia (My Lord is God)
  45. Kirill (lord)
  46. Oleg (holy)
  47. Anatoly (sunrise)
  48. Sergei (shepherd)
  49. Ivan (God is gracious)
Russian dog names

Russian Space Dog Names

Before man went to space, dogs were the first to leave the earth’s atmosphere and travel through space. 

Here are some of the most famous soviet space dogs that helped pave the way for human space exploration.

They have cool Russian dog names you might like!

  1. Malyshka
  2. Ryzhik
  3. Tsyganka
  4. Dezik
  5. Modnitsa
  6. Dymka
  7. Bobik
  8. Bars
  9. Albina
  10. Damka
  11. Tsygan
  12. Shutka
  13. Pushok
  14. Ugolyok
  15. Pchyolka
  16. Mushka
  17. Belka
  18. Lisichka
  19. Veterok
  20. Strelka
  21. Zvyozdochka
  22. Smelaya
  23. Snezhinka
  24. Zhulka
  25. Krasavka
  26. Laika
  27. Lisa
  28. Zhemchuzhnaya
  29. Kometka
  30. Chernushka
  31. Otvazhnaya
  32. Kozyavka

Good Russian Food-inspired Dog Names

If you’re looking to try some cute, unique dog names, these names from Russian cuisine might just be what you’re looking for!

  1. Pelmeni : Russian tortellini.
  2. Zefir: Russian marshmallow.
  3. Sushki: Russian bagel.
  4. Blini: Russian crepe
  5. Vodka.
  6. Kissel: A famous Russian dessert.
  7. Borsht: traditional Russian soup.
  8. Paskha: A Russian cheese dish.

Cool Russian Words Names For Dogs

Random words from the Russian language are a great source of some of the best badass Russian dog names. 

  1. Sputnik (satellite)
  2. Cosmonaut (original Russian astronauts)
  3. Mir (peace)
  4. Bolshoi (large)
  5. Sobaka (dog)
  6. Mechta (dream)
  7. Yozhik (hedgehog)
  8. Ruble (Russia’s currency)

Dog Names Inspired by Russian Locations 

It’s home to some jaw-dropping destinations. It is, after all, the largest country in the world.

  1. Altai
  2. Moscow
  3. Caspian
  4. Onega
  5. Brosno
  6. Kazan
  7. Kremlin
  8. Baikal
  9. Elbrus
  10. Sochi

Dog Names Inspired By Famous Russians

  1. Ivan (Ivan the Terrible)
  2. Stalin (Joseph Stalin)
  3. Sharapova (Maria Sharapova)
  4. Yuri (Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin)
  5. Gorbachev (Mikhail Gorbachev)
  6. Tolstoy (Leo Tolstoy)
  7. Tchaikovsky (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky).
  8. Rasputin (Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin)
  9. Vladimir (Vladimir Putin)

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