Controlling Diabetes in your Dog

Controlling Diabetes in your dog need not be difficult if you know what to look out for.

There are many ways to help control diabetes in dogs, and one of the top ways is to feed your dog the proper dog food. Not all dog foods are suitable for a diabetic dog, and this is why they make diabetic dog food you can purchase.

Typical dog foods can contain fillers that contribute to or even cause diabetes. Some components of dog food that can lead to diabetes include sugar, rice (including all forms, such as rice flour and rice gluten), dried beet pulp, maple syrup, and corn syrup.

Dog food intended for diabetic dogs will often contain many grains, such as millet and oats, cornmeal, and brewer’s yeast. Dog food with these ingredients and ones that limit the amount of sugar and starches are the best types of dog food for a dog with diabetes.

Choosing diabetic dog food is the safest way to keep your dog healthy, because it will regulate diabetes and keep your dog in the best health possible, even with this medical condition. Some pet owners choose to go the natural route and feed their dogs homemade dog food (this would be similar to the same types of foods a diabetic person would eat) so that there is no risk of fillers that can enhance the illness.

It is important, however, to understand that diabetic dog food is typically much more expensive than regular dog food. You will also want to consult with your dog’s vet on a regular basis to make sure that he is getting everything he needs out of his dog food.

This is not the only way to monitor and regulate diabetes in a dog, however.

In addition to maintaining your dog’s health through diet, you will want to assist in keeping diabetes under control through exercise. You will need to be sure that your dog gets exercise every day, preferably a few times a day.

If you can, you should take your dog for a long walk in the morning and in the evening to contribute to your dog’s health. This type of activity can help keep dog health in the best condition possible, even when diabetes is present. If your dog is healthy enough, you will want to let them spend time outside running and playing, even if you can not go on walks. This is only the case, however, if you have a fenced-in yard or other safe places to put your dog. Otherwise, exercise for dog health won’t be beneficial if your dog could potentially run out in front of moving vehicles.

While it may seem like a lot of work to keep a diabetic dog in good health, it is possible to do so with just a few regulations. It is important that you always keep vet appointments and do necessary blood work so that your dog’s health can be monitored properly.

Giving your dog medication when required is also important. Although it might not be easy, it is crucial for dog health in a dog with diabetes. By doing this, making sure your dog gets the exercise he needs every day, and feeding your dog the proper foods for dog health, you will be able to keep your pet healthy and with you for as long as possible.

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