Caring For Gold Fish

A Brief Guide To Caring For Gold Fish

Our first pet gold fish is oftentimes our last. A crude fact, and perhaps a bit more general than some people would want, but it serves to prove an important point: when it comes to caring for gold fish, we (most of us anyway) don’t know squat.

Caring For Gold Fish a.k.a. Killing Them Softly

If you bothered to read the name of this piece, you’re probably wondering how caring for gold fish can possibly be connected to the song “Killing Me Softly” (obviously where the title was derived). It’s simple, really.

Caring For Gold Fish By Watching Their Diet

Looks can be deceiving – who would be able to tell that gold fish are omnivorous just by looking at them? That’s right; those little suckers will eat anything, and at any time it’s given to them. This penchant for eating everything in sight is why keeping track of your pet omnivore’s diet is part and parcel of caring for gold fish.

Caring For Gold Fish Differs From Breeding Them

Ever consider taking gold fish care a step further by breeding the little suckers? If you have been thinking about it and are seriously considering it, then you might benefit from a bit more know-how on caring for gold fish.

Caring For Gold Fish Is As Easy As Telling The Difference Between Whats Hot And Whats Not

Heres a quick science lesson in caring for gold fish: Chances are youve already heard of the concept of thermal expansion somewhere, or youre still familiar with it even if its been years since you took it up in high school. I wont bother going into detail, but its basically the process wherein metal expands when heated.

Caring For Gold Fish Is The Secret To Longevity

Forty-three. What is it that is so striking about this seemingly unremarkable number? Nothing really, aside from the fact that this number is seen by quite a few people as a testament to gold fish care. Why? Because a gold fish has lived for 43 long years, thanks to its owners who knew a thing or two about caring for gold fish.

Caring For Gold Fish The Natural Way

When caring for gold fish, there is one important law you have to consider: the law of nature, better known as “survival of the fittest”.

Don’t Bother Caring For Gold Fish In Lake Quemado

There’s a place called Quemado Lake in New Mexico that is said to sparkle blue from a distance, but glow a brilliant orange hue when you see it from the shore. The lake is home to what many believe are millions of gold fish – which is nothing short of remarkable, since gold fish aren’t native to those parts. This incredible gold rush can be attributed not to the locals’ knack for caring for gold fish, but ironically, to the possibility that some of them didn’t know the first thing about taking care of gold fish.

Rules to observe when Caring for Gold Fish

Caring for gold fish is very rewarding, especially for those select few that are completely mesmerized by their charges.

Tips On Caring For Gold Fish

Contrary to popular belief, caring for gold fish isn’t a job for the lazy, nor is it a no-brainer.

Yard Ponds Can Add Flair To Landscaping

There are many reasons to add yard ponds to landscaping, but the most common is to have something really unique as part of the landscaping around the home. They can be as big or small as the homeowners wants, and can afford, and can be made with a preformed lining or dug out by hand and coated with a lining. It also needs to be decided early on if yard ponds are going to serve as home for decorative fish such a Koi.

Waterfall Ponds to Beautify Your Landscape

Adding a pond to your outdoor landscaping can not only be a beautiful addition, but it adds value to your home as well. If you install waterfall ponds on your property, it will be even more dazzling to visitors and can create a truly tranquil place for you to relax.

Water Ponds: Not Necessarily A Redundancy

Unfortunately, no one from the interior design and gardening world ever gets its terms approved by an English major. We could then point out the “water ponds” is just a tad redundant. Do you really need the “water” part? Isn’t that implied? What else are you going to fill the pond with? Champaign? Good intentions? The ashes of all English BA degrees?

Steps For Building Water Garden Ponds

When dressing up a part of the yard, water garden ponds can be an attractive project to install and they also will provide an open invitation to many form of wildlife. You can buy a preformed pond shell or make you own out of plastic sheeting, but the construction is relatively easy if you follow a few simple steps.

Making Unique Ponds: Duck Ponds

If you are looking to specifically make a duck pond, good luck finding information specifically about making and maintaining duck ponds. Now, if you wanted fish ponds or Zen water ponds, you’d be in luck. There’s more information about them lying about in real life and online than you can shake a pole at. But with unique ponds – ponds made for some purpose rather than the norm of keeping fish or just being a water ornament – there is not a lot of information out there.

Why Bother With Ultra Violet Lights For Ponds?

Ponds have gotten along for millennia without the assistance of ultra violet lights, so why should the modern pond keeper bother with them? Well, ponds don’t have to put up with the crap they have to now as opposed to millennia ago. In nature, ponds were either temporary (appeared only for a few weeks in the rainy season and then dried up) or were connected to moving bodies of water like underground or aboveground springs, rivers, streams and creeks.

Turtle Ponds Serve As Pets’ Summer Home

Some people are simply amazed by turtles, the creatures that crawl on the ground and swim in the water while carrying their house on their back. In fact, some are so taken by them that they have them for pets and even build turtle ponds outside in which their pets, as well as other wild turtles can live in the summer. With the different species of turtle, ponds need to be geared for the specific type in order for them to stay healthy.

How Small Can Small Garden Ponds Be?

The definition of a pond in my Funk & Wagnalls is, “A body of water smaller than a lake”. Technically, from that definition, a glass of water is a pond. But for the purposes of beautifying the garden and helping the surrounding wildlife, even an old watertight barrel would serve as a small garden pond. Having a reliable, safe source of drinking water is an invaluable aid to all the wild creatures struggling to make a go of it as the jungle decreases and the concrete jungle increases.

Using Pre Formed Ponds Makes Landscaping Easier

Possibly the easiest method of building a pond in the yard is to dig a hole, lay in some plastic sheeting and fill it with water. The pond will take the shape of the hole and may not be provide the ideal decoration for your yard. One alternative is to use pre formed ponds, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The hole will still have to be dug, but once the pre formed ponds are put in place and back-filled with the dirt, they will maintain their shape.

Enjoying the Outdoors With Ponds and Waterfalls

Ponds and waterfalls are a beautiful addition to any property. Ponds and waterfalls can be especially beautiful when you incorporate your garden with them as the centerpiece. Installing ponds and waterfalls can be a great way to add value to your home as well. They can also make your home the place to be when the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

You Can Make Ponds And Lakes

Overdevelopment and destruction of natural habitats are destroying hundreds of species a year. You can’t save every critter, but you can think globally by acting locally. If you own a bit of property, consider constructing man made ponds and lakes. The same principles apply to building and maintaining both ponds and lakes, but lakes are a lot larger than ponds. It may be best in the long run for you to hire help in making manmade ponds and lakes.

Ponds And Fountains Add Wonder To Outdoor Decoration

When it comes to decorating outdoor living space, decks and cooking facilities are usually the first items people think of, but ponds and fountains can offer a new look to an old yard. Choosing to install one requires some planning and work, and many opt to hie a professional company to complete the work. Some homeowners, however like to work in their yard and will install ponds and fountains on their own.

The Quirky Beauty of Plastic Ponds

What do you think of when you hear the word “pond”? Do you think of On Golden Pond, which was about the size of a lake, or about the fishing holes you played hooky at or wished you could play hooky at? They all sound like a heck of a lot of work to make and maintain. And they are.

Outdoor Ponds for the Environment and Your Family’s Enjoyment

Adding outdoor ponds to your garden landscape is a great way to not only add value to your home, but it is a wonderful addition to help you relax after a long, hard day at the office. You can add value and looks to your garden when you incorporate an outdoor pond into your backyard.

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