Can I purchase vaccines online and administer them myself?

We do not recommend pet owners purchasing and administering vaccines. We would not do that for ourselves.

Vaccines need to be handled in a certain manner and injected in a certain manner. Most people do not know where their vaccines came from (i.e. all vaccines are not manufactured equally).

You rely on veterinarians to provide you with their expertise. Having your vet administer the vaccine is worth the knowledge that the vaccine is well-handled and given correctly.

I recently found a stray, adult dog. What vaccinations does he need?

We recommend, assuming that the dog has not been vaccinated, Rabies 1 X and 2 sets of distemper/parvo/corona virus given about 3 weeks apart.

Not knowing if the dog is vaccinated is a big worry and there are big problems associated with not having your dog vaccinated. Please consult with your vet to find out what’s best for your dog.

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